Which type of electronic communication device did people use before Alexander Graham Bell introduced the first... WILL GIVE BRAINLIEST. How a tomb is decorated and what is in a tomb can tell a researcher or archeologist a lot about what type of person is buried within without even knowing who is in there. Question sent to expert. 2. When did organ music become associated with baseball? Tombs in ancient Rome followed the same course of development as in Egypt and elsewhere, beginning with burial underground or in caves and evolving into more elaborate structures to house the dead. You can refuse to use cookies by setting the necessary parameters in your browser. The Mesopotamians, whether south in the region of Sumer or north in Akkad, were so concerned with the proper burial of the dead that they often built tombs inside, or next to, their homes so they could continue to care for the deceased and prevent the problems which arose from hauntings (this same practice was observed by the Mayan culture which also maintained a deep-seated fear of ghosts). What were some of the typical, everyday items that might be included in an Ancient Egyptian tomb, and why were these included? Why were elaborate tombs so important to pharaohs as well as every day Egyptians. Why does the way a tomb is decorated and the items buried with the dead tell us about the person buried there? like jewelry.. ... What does the way a tomb is decorated and the items buried with the dead tell us about the ... What do you call a person who buries the dead? The Tomb of Reliefs is covered in painted stucco reliefs depicting household items and useful tools such as stools, mirrors, drinking cups, knives, etc. Mark has lived in Greece and Germany and traveled through Egypt. Ancient inscriptions from cultures as diverse as Mesopotamia, China, Greece, and the Maya all cite the importance of a respectful burial and remembrance of the dead and the dire consequences of failing to do so. How did the tombs of pharaohs and royal family members differ from those of the avarage Egyptian? Different classes of people got different types of burials. Art History Assignment 3.docx - Art History Assignment 3 http\/www.pbs.org\/empires\/egypt\/index.html To find the answers for assignment 1 you need to, 1 out of 1 people found this document helpful, To find the answers for assignment 1, you need to press "enter" to go into the site. King Pakal, like other rulers, was given a tomb worthy of his stature and accomplishments and is thought to have been constructed by his subjects who considered him worthy of that honor. The rise of Christianity, however, and the new belief in the bodily resurrection of the dead, led to a decrease in cremations and, simply lacking room for the deceased in cemeteries, catacombs dug in the earth, with shelves for corpses in the walls, became the most common form of the tomb in ancient Rome. What does the way a tomb is decorated and the items buried with the dead tell us about the personburied there? Type the correct answer in the box. How long will the footprints on the moon last? Ancient History Encyclopedia. Minnesota West Community and Technical College, Minnesota West Community and Technical College • ART 1100, Minnesota West Community and Technical College • ART Art 2245, Texas A&M University, San Antonio • MGMT 4331, Loyola Marymount University • ACCOUNTING 2110. Other tombs in China, not nearly so grand in size or scope, also reflect the belief that the deceased would continue to exist in some form in another realm and could continue to exert influence on the living, for good or ill, depending on how their remains had been respected and how their memory continued to be honored.

Why don't libraries smell like bookstores? Other tombs throughout Ireland (known as dolmens) are constructed much along the same lines as the Carrowmore tombs.