We are now ready to begin Phase 2 of the Honor Wall. If you’re coming here from Hilda’s blog, welcome! If you’re looking for a clean, classic way to show your appreciation for your donors, glass is a great choice. sportsnite-acrylic-logo1/2 in thick acrylic logo, painted matte finish. My friend Hilda is doing a blog series about organizing and decluttering sentimental items this month. © Impact Signs Inc. All Rights Reserved Privacy Policy. Though it might be more expensive in the short term, you can reuse a digital wall much more easily than more permanent materials. Also please fill out the quote form with your exact details before calling. Don’t forget your in-kind donors!

I really appreciate the time you’ve taken. This post may contain affiliate links. I read about this idea in a book years ago.

Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. Available in a wide variety of materials and sizes, our individual cast or cut metal letters (link to dimensional sign letters page) can be combined along with a series of plaques underneath to create a stunning hall of fame exhibit or display wall. My friend Hilda is doing a blog series about organizing and decluttering sentimental items this month.

I trimmed my photos and such for the boards and used mod podge to glue them on. With the help of Marty Costello, Commander of Delaware County for the American Legion, the project grew into a labor of love for staff members, alumni, local veterans and community members. Make sure you’re ready for your next fundraising campaign with a fundraising feasibility study! A wall, sign, or plaque will stick around for a long time, sometimes as long as the building is still standing. Whether you’re looking to create a traditional donor recognition display or think beyond the wall, Eleven Fifty Seven can help you do it. The outcome was a series of installations that changed the ideas of many about donor recognition. Once that dried, I used mod podge on top of all of the board. Eleven Fifty Seven designs and builds custom donor recognition walls to celebrate your supporters and your purpose. Their team has served thousands of institutions seeking to thank their donors in a unique and meaningful way.

You can specify the kind of donation you received on your donor recognition wall, sign, or plaque. By installing a digital donor recognition wall, you can!

What if you want to keep a running tally of your donors and their donation amounts, incorporating a little healthy competition into your donor recognition wall? Using these links helps support my blog.

Similarly to a donor recognition wall, a donor recognition sign often lists the names of donors who contributed to a particular campaign.A sign is usually portable, printed on a plastic or vinyl banner instead of metal or brick.

What if you want to use your wall for more than one campaign? Common Questions, Matching Gift Basics Additional Services

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See more hall of fame plaque sign examples, Backlit Letters (Stainless Steel Halo Lighted), Frosted Glass Vinyl Graphics / Privacy Film, Bas relief plaques: approximately 30 working days. As such, donor recognition signs are better choices for charity walks and other off-site or outdoor sponsored events as opposed to building campaigns.

Request a quote if you have a custom size, unique specifications, or a multi-plaque project, or if you are just unsure what you need. We have some of the best, most creative plaque layout artists in the industry.

of loved ones. Our Database This post may contain affiliate links. If a profile has been submitted, you can find it (along with his or her location) by searching below. When an individual, organization, or small group of individuals are the sole or major donors to a particular campaign, they could be honored with a donor recognition plaque. Planned gifts are often among the largest that a nonprofit receives, so planned givers should definitely be included in donor recognition walls, signs, and plaques. Expedited, overnight and 2-day, shipping options are also available. I used about 3 layers of mod podge altogether. I mentioned to her that decluttering after a loved one passes would be a great topic and she asked if I would be interested in writing a guest post. We will need any art files in a vector AI, EPS, or PDF format, with all fonts converted to outlines. Approve your estimate, and we'll move ahead to design, proof approval, and production. A donor recognition wall is a wall that displays the names of all the donors who participated in a particular campaign. This long-term show of appreciation speaks to donors, especially those leaving planned gifts to your organization. A key element of good donor stewardship is showing your supporters you appreciate their contributions.

Attend our Daily Demo Most of this project involves cutting some wood and painting it. An easy way to celebrate your donors is to post their names in a public place where everyone can see them! This has been a project that is dear to my heart because I am horrible at processing grief and loss. The next step was creating Phase 1 of the upright portion of the Honor Wall that contained 120 red Georgia bricks and 9 granite tiles that have been sandblasted with the names, branch of service, war info, etc. Walls are usually permanent installations, though digital walls can be updated often. Please make sure to follow the minimum letter size rules.

As such, donor recognition signs are better choices for charity walks and other off-site or outdoor sponsored events as opposed to building campaigns. Chances are you rely on sponsorships for some of your revenue, too. You’ll want to measure the area you’re using in advance to determine how wide you want your boards to be. Our high-quality signs and plaques are handcrafted in the USA and designed to stand the test of time. You can offer inclusion on your donor recognition wall as a perk of your crowdfunding campaign. About Us Our time-tested process ensures you—and your signage—are in good hands, every step of the way. Once dry, I used some white OFMP over them to create a cloudy look.

I hope you enjoyed the post. We will quote and revise the options, until it’s just right.

Seeing the public commendation a donation receives will encourage others to give! Please share, like, and pin my post if you enjoyed it. If you provide the copy and images (if needed), we will design your plaque for you. Individuals aren’t the only ones that donate to your fundraising campaigns.
When you’re looking to honor recipients in a hall of fame or create a wall of honor, look no further than Impact Signs.