Salish Sea Coastal Rowing Club is considering selling its Coastal 4X+ Eurodiffusions 2015 in excellent condition. $275 (silver rigger/brass oarlock)

The trailer… Coastal Quad For Sale.
We have several pair of Piantedosi’s wooden sculling oars available. The mould 139 is a craft of elite international standard. This Alden Quest is in nice condition. The deck looks nice though the hull has some wear marks on the keel. The Quest comes with a pair of composite sculling oars. ", Genevieve Horton, Olympian and Australian Rowing Team. A few small scuffs on the bottom but otherwise like new at half the price.Please note: This price is for this week only, then the boat goes in storage. "When one ponders rowing shell manufacturing in Australia, there is only one name to consider - Sykes. Like most, I started casually looking on websites for second hand sculls, as well as talking to others about their boats.

2013 162 Explore Center Console drift series 60/40 Yamaha Outboard jet. The focus was on creating superior structural integrity by combining the inherent strength and resilience of a 100% CARBON HULL with the newest RESIN INFUSION production techniques. Sole USA seller of Edon TS515 rowboats - We Ship all over the USA.

Outstanding performance and durabilty, incredible re-sale value, industry leading warranty, and a company of employee-owners standing behind every single boat. Beautiful mahogany B&H rowing shell for sale. The rowing dream is different for everyone. f you do not see a used rowing shell that you want or need on this page, please ask us if we have it or know where to get one for you. _________.

The decks are dark green canvas. 1987 Laser Rowing Shell New paint top and bottom, new paint on oars, new oar grips.This fiberglass craft features seaworthiness and safety of a full deck boat. Late 80s vintage wooden rowing shell, built by Kaschper in St. Catherine's, Ontario. To understand which boat will suit your needs, start with the table below. Wood trim has been stripped, sanded and refinished with five coats of spar varnish. The 135 sits well and moves through the water easily, feeling balanced bow to stern.

This Alden 16 comes with an Oarmaster rowing unit and a pair of composite sculling oars. Can easily be transported via a car top. Magik Oarlocks. Boat can be used on the water or would be a great decoration. Great for adult physical fitness or novice rower. Measurements for the shell are 22 1/2 feet long and 19″ wide at waterline. The seller wanted to replace the rubrail on the hull, however never got around to it. It comes with a pair of composite sculling oars.

This Islander is located in Vero Beach, Florida.

Shell is in great shape. Dimensions:

This Alden 16 comes with one Oarmaster III rowing unit and a pair of composite sculling oars. All seats and footplates/shoes missing.

It does have some scratching on the deck and hull from use.

Being able to review and demo the largest selection of shells located all in one location. 7.5″ high from base to the top of the track Call John evenings and weekends at: 2020 Echo Sport Rowing Shell with Dreher Carbon Sculls. Beautiful, Affordable, Ornamental Rowing and Sculling Seats available with custom artwork. Used boats are priced for incredible savings to you and are based on overall condition.

The wood ... 8' fiberglass rowing boat. Some have composite seats, some have wooden seats, some have silver riggers and some have black riggers.).

Guessing 1930's?.

It has a dark blue hull and comes with a pair of wooden Guideboat oars, sliding seat mechanism, and two cane seats. I am the original owner and have maintained the boat for 28 years of light use. I had dreamed of this moment of slicing though the water perfectly balanced, synonymous with my boat.

Freight charges are not included in the prices below. This Annapolis Wherry is brand new and has a bone exterior and natural interior. $575.00 Standard set-ups for each construction are shown below. It sits well in the water with excellent balance and is very responsive, picking up speed quickly and being easy to manoeuvre. Something went wrong. Mould 135 is Sykes’ first dedicated lightweight women’s mould.

She is 16 feet long and carries a beam of 4 feet 6 inches with a mahogany floor. If you purchase a pair of sculling oars, we will include the shell at the prices listed above. If you are interested in a rowing shell that is not listed on our used boat page please contact us via phone or email at the address below. Although personally by no means am I a silk merchant on the water, a member of the guild if you will, I have managed to amass some kilometres in a variety of single sculls over the years. Of course for more information. I have raced in a variety of conditions this season, the worst being at Kawana waters at Australian Masters Championships Regatta where it was windy, choppy and wet. !Includes the trailer. Vespoli looks to establish long-term relationships with our customers.

This Oarmaster will fit into the Alden Ocean Shells and the Appledore Pod Shells. I pulled the listing to have it evaluated and now am comfortable with the price.
Whether you are buying one boat or a fleet. Purchase any used shell with oars and receive free indoor storage until you are ready for delivery or pick up. Of course we mustn’t forget customer service, as that can make or break a purchase. Professional quality in excellent condition ; for whitewater river , drift fishing , lake or lazy days afloat . PENDING SALE Glynn Locke - Racing single - weight class 170-210 lbs $3,250.00 Schoenbrod Sieger- Recreational single - Weight class 190-250 lbs

- NEW BROWNING SANTA FE SINGLE SHELL BOX CARRIER TRAP POUCH BUCKMARK LOGO, - Uncle Mike's Kodra Duty Nylon Web Single Stack Double Snap Close Pistol Mag Case, - RCBS Hunting Reloading Single Stage Press Shell Holder Size #10 Silver 09210.

price dependent on age and overall condition of Oarmaster For Sale is a Virus Yole recreational Rowing Shell.

Ez loader trailer Set up to row and fly fish. Little river sprint, like new...dreissigacker oars., 39lbs. There is some scratching on the hull and inside cockpit from use. 1985 Little River Marine rowing shell, 58 pounds with ash Piantedosi oars.