Ever heard someone complaining about a useless football player whose only job is to kick a ball into a net and gets paid over 300,000£ a week, whereas someone like a firefighter or even a doctor who are essential to society, get paid a fraction of that amount? They are Kaka, Pirlo, Del Piero and Vialli.

Football is extremely risky, haven't you heard of broken legs in football, torn ligaments, broken skulls, torn muscles!!!!!!!! That’s all about why the footballers are not deserved for their big money. If you believe that football is a tough job then compare the lifestyle of a player to the one of a certain history teacher in the school. April 2017

Well it tells us, however bad is the background, however pitiful is the past experience; overpaid salary is not an excuse to allow footballer earns such big money. But, how if they really do ?

There are a lot of topics that could be drawn from here, but I will focus on financial aspect for now. By Dr. Jon Gelber, MD, Contributor. Unfortunately, this is an instinctual reaction rooted in a false picture of today's health care practitioner.

When a kid chooses football as his career, he is betting his life on it and the gamble is extremely high risk. We can survive if there is no football game for a day, a year, or even forever.

I personally think that footballers are far too overpaid. A lot of kids choose football in expense of their education. If a football team began helping society, then any person in their right mind would begin to be a fan of the club, meaning that more people would want to buy their merchandise and try and get tickets to see their team play in the stadium, and as I'm sure that we all understand that positive advertising will increase demand, which will increase the price of the team's merchandise and tickets for matches, which will raise the clubs profits and, of course, profit is what everyone searches for especially in such a competitive market.

Doctors are paid by the NHS who will pay as little as they are willing to work for. Thus, it is clear that footballers can’t live a normal life and therefore, in a way, having high wages compensates this.

November 2015. 2/23/2019 01:51:53 pm. Doctors, Nurses, Firefighters and the Army are all much more important jobs than kicking around a ball for 90 minutes. Frequently, such background makes an easy excuse to grant them the big payment and freedom to have the life they have never experienced without knowing it is the most enjoyable path to destruction. For them, sport is their only way to escape from poverty lasso which binds their countries tightly. Essay, 5 pages. Honestly, I can't believe this argument for a second. They already left school from very young age and they don’t have any other skill except football.

Footballers have at least 30-40 years of retirement and have that much money so that they can sustain themselves in the future. The common sense is, the more important you are, and the more appreciation you should have.