Here are a few questions to answer in your letter to patients: Adding these details might sound silly, but trust us. Although goodwill is an intangible asset, it carries the most weight when buying a practice. That’s why having a dental practice transition plan is so important. With the stressful times, however, also came good times. What makes him or her qualified? So, when planning a transition, the most important element is the manner in which the patients (or the referral sources) will be transitioned over to the new owner. At the beginning of your letter to patients, there are a few main elements to include: PRO TIP: Be careful with your language. There’s a lot to think about. Click here to download the sample letter template.]. Start here. Join us live! A dog. Your patients may want to say good-bye, especially those who have been with you for a long time. How many kids? 1201 K Street, 14th Floor 128 N. Main St. Suite B.Belmont, NC 28012. If you will not be staying on for a transition period at your office, be sure to let your patients know in your letter that you appreciate them and their trust that they placed in you for many years. Finding the Perfect Location to Start or Buy a Dental Practice. All Rights Reserved. Glad we could be helpful. JPA Dental Transitions © 2020. Sample letter to patients after a dental practice sale is crucial In enhancing the practice’s goodwill, a notification letter to patients about the dental practice sale is a must. Dentists, therapists, and other medical personnel who choose to close ties with their respective patients utilize this particular letter as a suitable way of bringing an end to things.

If you want training on a specific topic, these course tracks are for you! Your patients are now more concerned about the credentials of the new doctor, and how this change will impact their dental health. A part of your transition plan is having a “doctor leaving practice” letter to send to patients. Creating a stellar letter to your patients should not only explain why you’re leaving, and who the new doctor will be, but it will make them feel comfortable that their dental health is in good hands. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(3431298, '37966532-25de-44ff-b23b-060c4fa72ecb', {}); Joseph D. Jordan, JD, is a North Carolina licensed attorney working with doctors in the areas of dental practice acquisitions, transitions, and associateship placement. Join the Smile Crew CA! Let’s Chat and get up to 15% off our next event! See what’s playing now.

Your patients want to feel like they mean something to you. Thank you again for your loyalty and confidence. [Need any help writing your letter to patients? You’re currently logged out or not yet a member! Related blogs:Finding the Perfect Location to Start or Buy a Dental Practice6 Tough Questions to Answer When Selling Your Practice. California Dental Association Attitudes, Barriers and Conversations – Discover the keys that bring your patients to YES!

What should you say about the new doctor? The letter contains the reasons for the dismissal, as well as the final parting words of the doctor to his patient. This shouldn’t be a long section, one or two sentences should suffice.
Sorry we couldn't be helpful. All sessions are recorded and you will have additional access to the replay after the event. We’ve created a self-help section on our site to help offices: We’re here to help your team overcome obstacles and find ways to improve!Search for an answer or submit a new question to Laura. How will your patients feel about your leaving? How do you handle dental patients that refuse to wear masks? JPA Dental Transitions © 2020. Records and Documents Retention Guidelines, Consent Form for Use or Disclosure of Patient Health Information, Sample Patient Testimonial Authorization Form, Divorced Parents Sample Letter (Existing Minor Patients of Record). How to outsource A/R and or use a collections agency. The contracting dentist (s) of an estate of a deceased or incapacitated dentist must obtain signed patient records release forms prior to use of … How many breaks is too many for employees? View the complete document and print out a copy for your office below! dental patient dismissal letter template. Sample Notification Letter To Patients Regarding Dentist's Death or Incapacity. We want you to know that we will be available for emergency care for _____ days, if you have anything Do they offer a wider range of treatment options? We are committed to providing exceptional care and hope that your experience as a patient in our office was a positive one. Every office is unique as well as every team member in a dental practice. Our monthly membership starts at $2250 per year for up to 20 team members and includes every course, module, and resource on our site. Your feedback will help us improve this article.

Transitions Plus+ offered exclusively by JPA. This Office Manager resource provides a great sample of a letter to send to patients leaving your dental practice. You don’t want to use words like, “I regret to tell you.” It starts the letter out with negativity. 800.232.7645, The Dentists Insurance Company Gut and the rest of the staff will be contacting you for your next regularly scheduled visit. So, you’re leaving your dental practice and emotions are running high. Our monthly membership starts at $224 per month for up to 20 team members and includes every course, module, and resource on our site. We’re here for you and your team.

If you want training on a specific topic, or you need help getting started. 800.232.7645, About California Dental Association (CDA). These themes provide exceptional examples of ways to structure such a letter, and also include sample material to serve as an overview of design.
So we’ve created a “Getting Started Checklist” designed to help you and your team implement training. Contact Us LIST MY PRACTICE 980.283.7355.

Sample Notification Letter To Patients Regarding Dentist's Death or Incapacity, practice_support/practice_management/sample-notification-ltr-to-pts-death.doc, Sample Announcement of New Associate/Partner, Sample Notification Letter to Dental Board Regarding Dentist's Death or Incapacity, Sample Withdrawal Letter Dentist Retiring or Relocating, Unexpected Death of a Dentist (Solo Practice) Checklist. Be sure not to ramble on and on about why you are leaving. The contracting dentist(s) of an estate of a deceased or incapacitated dentist must obtain signed patient records release forms prior to use of those records. California Dental Association Talk with us first! Source: Remember to be honest, and genuinely talk about why you chose this doctor to run the practice. All rights reserved. Sacramento, CA 95814