Thanks Carine…we do have a few more coming . Right There Lyrics: Ooh-ooh, hey / (If you wanna party, if you, if you wanna party) / Put your hands up (Put your hands up) / (If you, if you wanna party, if you, if you wanna party) / So put your ( Log Out /  Unfortunately, none of the smoke had dissipated overnight so it appeared we would have another day without any views. You have endured the worst of the worst and the best of the best, met amazing people, seen unbelievable sights and will always remember your special time together. I will be thinking of you both and hopefully we can connect at some point. Not sure what I will do without this to start my day- haha!! Take care, So glad you have been enjoying them!! In shiny shirts and tiny shorts Gorgeous pictures and memories. Sounds like we may have inspired others to get outdoors more, which is AWESOME!! Wait a minute You have also given us all a much needed and inspirational ridealong with your blog. Gay or European? Thank you for sharing your daily trials, tribulations, ups, downs and everything in between with us!! The song peaked at #2 on the U.S. I have learned so much about the PCT and just how difficult the thru hike iis by following along. But look at his quoft and crispy locks A 200ml bottle of Hennessey. I will miss your posts and my 2 minute escape into your reality each day. In reading your blogs and seeing your pictures it has been quite an adventure for me living it through the two of you. It's hard to guarantee . ( Log Out /  The beauty of a thru hike is to only see each inch of trail just one time. Well is it relevant to presume that a hottie in that costume Elle: Is automatically-radically Callahan: Ironically chronically Vivian: Certainly pertin'tly Warner: To be very close to arriving at the location of the listener (or recipient of the message). Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. I can’t thank you enough for your diligence and commitment to documenting every one of the 2650 miles. , YOU DID IT!!! Gay or Euro? Gay or foreign fella? They will say things like, "Ciao, bella" Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Sitting on my couch enjoying nature through your adventure / this blog has been an absolute TREAT (especially considering the state of the world). Nothing quite like a challenge and an accomplishment. CONGRATULATIONS. Much love and thanks❣️ This will def be a time in our lives that we will never forget! You both are amazing I have so enjoyed reading your posts and looking at all your amazing photos. You guys are AMAZING!! I really hope to see u and Cathy around town soon!! An annotation cannot contain another annotation. WOW!! So if I may, I'm proud to say You made something out of 2020!! Gay or European? There and then then and there definition: If something happens there and then or then and there , it happens immediately. I could throw up watching him put it on his sandwich, LOL! Thanks for all ur great messages Kyle…we’ve loved every last one of them!! it’s unbelievable to me, and honestly doesn’t seem real. Child: I'll be right there, Mom. It was great to see them again and briefly catch up! Cannot annotate a non-flat selection. That a man who wears perfume The beautiful colors continued, and actually never stopped. You bastard, you lying bastard They play peculiar sports is a crossword puzzle clue that we have spotted over 20 times. So funny that we were just talking about what it would take to hike another long trail and blog again…right now I would say A LOT!! Thank you so much for all of the support you have provided us from PA. Hope you and your husband continue to keep going out and enjoying the outdoors. Enjoy the last of the journey to Canada!!!!! This is just a preview! Thanks, Katy! Carlos I am so grateful I was able to ride along in the comfort of my own home although many parts of it I wish I was a mosquito on your pack along for the ride! For brief moments in time you transported us into the wonderful world of adventure, intrigue, and beauty as if we were flies on your shoulders. This is the spot where Link’s dad will pick us up in just two days from now. However, blocking some types of cookies may impact your experience of the site and the services we are able to offer. OMG…that Miracle Whip. Plz LMK ♥️. I admire your drive and perseverance during this whole trip. It seems like you guys just started Well, is it relevant to assume Every trait could indicate Because we respect your right to privacy, you can choose not to allow some types of cookies. He's gay and European The 5 of us all ended up there within 15 mins of each other, along with Couscous, another thru hiker. Wow!!! Thanks for this amazing and informative journey you took us all on. ( Log Out /  Here’s hoping you find the adventure and beauty in the world as you hike back into reality. Congratulations , you did it amazing journey welcome back. A. Wow! Well, is it relevant to presume that a hottie in that costume Oh please, he's gay, totally gay Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Look, what we're seeing, what are we seeing? A few times, I would look up and swear the blue sky was RIGHT THERE. Plus a pit toilet, trash, hiker box, and picnic table. YOU DID IT!!! Amazing trip!!! You say boyfriend There, right there I'm sorry, I misunderstand Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. But his shoes are pointy toed We are very humbled by the support we received through our daily blogs. [NEW][NEW][NEW][NEW] 2014 2014 2014 2014 2014 Right There by August Alsina. I do hope you make this a book…I know that it would be very well received! I remember you talking about this years ago and in my head all I could think of was why? The totally straight expatriate Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Click on the different category headings to find out more and change our default settings. Thank goodness for all the fall colors in the trees and shrubs…now, THAT was stunning! Thanks Carrie! Officially gay, officially gay, gay, gay, gay The fact that this day has finally come is truly mind blowing to me. Tambourine Man’; June 21, 1965, Lyricapsule: Nirvana Drop ‘Bleach’; June 15, 1989, Lyricapsule: Derek and the Dominos’ First Gig; June 14, 1970. There! Look at that slightly stubbly chin That guy's not gay, I say no way I'm straight , Well Done both of you. Echoing everyone else, thank you thank you thank you for sharing this incredible experience with us. We were at Hart’s Pass after just 5 miles into the day. I thought you say best friend, Carlos is my best friend Look at the killer shape he's in Is automatically, radically, ironically, chronically Wish you luck there! Today we … This alleged affair with Ms. Windam They may be used by those companies to build a profile … Stay safe. It was really insightful to read day after day, challenge after challenge-good and bad- highs and lows, and I will miss waking up to see what you guys are up to and how it’s going on the trail! Now we can’t wait to cheer on the Stillers from Southern California!! We are so glad you enjoyed following along. Safe travels and good luck with your transition back to reality.