Make sure to keep your rat and their areas clean, if a rat gets feces on their hands and then scratches their ears, it could be transferred into the ear and cause infection. It is best to find a vet first before any problems arise, so you don't waste time trying to find a vet when your pet needs immediate medical attention. Check out the Rat Guide for more in depth Mega colon information. Exophthalmos, also known as proptosis, is the medical term for bulging or protruding eyeballs. Try to give them frozen and cooked vegetables. One Treatment is not enough! Sprained ankles tend to heal quite quickly. Aspen is a safe bedding material to use. Wash out the wound twice daily until it completely heals, you may have to drain it out several times before it starts healing. If your rat is having sudden breathing trouble, a quick and easy way to help is to bring your rats into a closed bathroom with the hot water/shower running. Be careful when you are cleaning the rats ears, you could puncture the ear drum. (You will be surprised how often it needs to be filled up.). *The only food item i have found that guarantees my rats will definitely get all of their medicine is if i drip the medicine over a cookie chunk -they always eat the whole chunk -no matter how much medicine is on it! A few recommended suggestions i was given to clear up the rash was to wash my face 3 times a week with Baby shampoo. Many rats will overcome their aggression when showered with a little much appreciated love. Many feeder rats are also bred in large group colonies where they have to fight for space and food causing them to be more aggressive in order to survive. Especially Do Not smoke around your rats if they already have Respiratory problems, it can prohibit or extend the rats recovery time. If a rat born by C-section ever meets another rat who was not born by C-Section they can be infected with it. Small animal carrier, The plastic kind with a wire door. You can add small animal vitamins (such as Vita drops) to your rats water to help them keep their vitamin intake high. However, after he stopped doing that, one of his eyes appeared to stay bulged out. For those that go deeper and affect the lens, pupil, or other sections of the eye, vision loss is a very big possibility. A dry eye is characterized by a dull appearance, rather than shiny Source(s): i have two rats who i just neutered as well :] if you have any questions about the neutering you can email me. Is it cancer? You can also use a sterilized sewing needle, but these tend to not be as sharp as medical needles and tend to have some resistance puncturing the skin. These vitamin drops can discolor the water and sometimes be rather smelly, they also loose their potency after being in the water to long and the water needs to be changed frequently. Most "Rat bugs" tend to stay on rats and not transfer to humans or other animals. If you just give them a bath and then put them back in a cage or with bedding that has the bugs on them, the bugs will jump right back on the rat. Let’s take a moment and look at what COULD be going on. Pet store rats have a lot more health issues then rat's acquired from a breeder. If it is warm & humid outside make sure your rat does not overheat, if your rat is ill, overheating can quickly become life threatening. Dip the rats foot/bumbles in flour to stop the bleeding. It was also recommended to try "Elidel" cream. Use a rat eye wash recipe in order to cleanse the eyeball, or a saline wash like the one to the right. It can affect 1 or both eyes and is most often caused by thyroid eye disease. If you are concerned about your rat being seriously dehydrated you can bring the rat to the vet to get Vitamin shots to help re-hydrate them. many inbreed or line breed for colors they want which in turn breeds in good and bad traits. Sleeping rat has its eyes closed. If it is, chances are the rat has already (or will) lose vision in that eye. Not all pet breeders are equal. Do NOT give your rats cough suppressant medicine. While your rat is having breathing trouble you don't want to give them a big chunk of food as they may choke. Putting ice cubes into the rats water bottles or if you have extra water bottles you can keep in the fridge and exchange with the warm water ones is also helpful to cool your rats down. The spray has a light smell and the smell will stay on for about a week. After draining the wound or to help drain the wound, clean the wound with Nolvasan solution (Chlorehexadine)(Available from a Vet or farm supply stores, such as Fleet Farm. Just like humans, they can occasionally be born blind due to various reasons, they can lose their sight due to malnutrition or abuse, and they can lose vision due to eye injuries. Rats also like ice cubes, you can give your rats ice cubes to help cool them off, they like to chew on them and also like to push the ice cubes under them and sit on them until they melt. These symptoms can be suppressed with medicine but most commonly symptoms will be continuous throughout their lives flaring up from time to time as the scabs or scarring in the lungs gets irritated. They can actually scratch the surface of their eyeball, or they can cause deeper damage to it. (you can use Hydrogen Peroxide but it is not recommended because it kills healthy and dead tissue and can cause the skin around the abscess to become irritated and more sensitive -causing a longer healing time. Tumor removal surgery is an option that should always be considered. Rats can live sometimes months with a tumor and sometimes only a matter of days. Common things to check for are reddish brown sneeze spots, on their food dishes, bedding, houses etc. Strep Pneumonia is not the same thing as strep throat. (Porphyrin should not be confused with blood -Porphyrin is reddish brown and blood is red. (Sprinkle the flour or cornstarch over the wound and rub it in.). Older rats may also stop trimming their own nails, so trimming them might become more frequent. When giving large amounts of medicine to a resistant rat it works well to give them half, and than wait a few minutes and than give the rest, this allows the rats to swallow the first dose, to help ensure the rat is indeed eating the medicine and not spitting it out. Operating on more than one tumor at a time is more risky, then operating on one since there may be multiple incision wounds and infection is risky. If the rat gets something stuck within its eye, it will need to be removed immediately by a veterinarian. C-Section ratties do not have the needed immunities and if infected with Mycoplasma it will likely be very severe. The product is safe to use directly on animals and can also be sprinkled around the house and/or on dogs. If you are worried about your rats Vitamin intake you can purchase Vitamin drops that you add to their water. It is common for a Mycoplasma flair up to turn into Pneumonia if left untreated. Other signs of an eye injury include: Consistent pain How and Why: Quarantining New Rats for Health and Safety, White Rat: About Pink and Black Eyed Whites (PEW & BEW). The rat will keep its head tilted, turned, and pulled to one side of the body. (Such as hearing fluid in their lungs.). They do not watch you while they sleep, though. These include but are not limited to: respiratory infection, deafness, infection of the blood, and potentially death. You can use a sterile medical needle (Make sure it is sterilized with alcohol -even if it is brand new out of the package) (available at most Drug stores.) If you suspect your rattie has bugs immediately clean the cage and wash all the washable bedding and discard any cardboard. (Length wise). Your all in one source for fancy rat information, news, tips, and help! It will also seem to be in a drunken stupor, stumbling around the cage. The best thing to do if their is a smoker in the house is to: Rats can get sick just like any animal and may need to see a Vet at some point in their lifetime. A Rat can have more than one tumor at a time. If you happen to get pills, they usually need to be cut in 1/2's or 1/4's and also need to be mixed with water, it can be a little tricky trying to get the medication to absorb into water, so if you have a choice liquid medicine usually works better. Mycoplasma symptoms tend to be dry loud breathing that comes and goes. The most common causes for a Mycoplasma flair up are: Mycoplasma can NOT be transferred from rat to human, but both humans and rats can have the disease. Tumors can be deep under the skin or near the surface, but usually are not above or even with the surface (like an abscess.).