Nora was the first casualty of Gary Clark, who brought a gun to the hospital intending to kill Derek. Intern Ryan disappeared in early season six and Brandon Scott most recently starred on Netflix's Dead To Me, 13 Reasons Why and This Is Us. When Callie refused to report the situation, Erica up and left the relationship and her job in early season five.

In 2010, the character disappeared completely. Mentzer said Myers is sorry and wanted to speak publicly to apologize to McDuffie's family, but that he convinced his client not to do so yet. Cristina Yang went through a seriously tough time after the plane crash, and it took a long time for her to fully recover. He founded Candler Creation Keepers for fellow ecologically-oriented theology students and was a Global Health Fellow, conducting research with MPH students in Haiti. Knight a gay slur during an argument on set, and all his defenses just kept making it worse before he finally was let go from the series. She never even made it back to Grey Sloan alive, as she died out there in the woods after being crushed by part of the plane while the love of her life, Mark Sloan, cried over her.

Robert Baker has done just fine ever since, appearing on Riverdale, Modern Family, The Originals, and most recently as Otis Graves on Supergirl. ", ARREST: Boyfriend charged with killing Mount Vernon woman, MOUNT VERNON: Memorial service planned for slain mother, KILLING: Boyfriend indicted in Mount Vernon woman's death. He received an MFA in Poetry from NYU, where Sharon Olds was his thesis advisor. Pierce, one corner of the Megan/Pierce/Steve love triangle, was eventually fired in a round of layoffs and left in season six. After several tumultuous seasons behind the scenes (including Isaiah Washington using the f-word while allegedly referring to Knight), T.R. She even went on a date with Derek at one point, but sort of disappeared in early season four after that date. Knight struggled with some of George's storylines and the fact that George barely appeared in the beginning of season five, and asked to be released from his contract. Amelia fixed the tumor, but Herman lost her eyesight and ended up leaving in season 11. Just as he and Mer were happy again, he was on his way back to tie up some loose ends and happened upon a massive car accident. Myers brothers one, two in Whelen points race. However, she returned to help Arizona leave the show at the end of season 14 by offering her grant money to open a center for women's health in New York.

Derek Shepherd had a rough couple of seasons as he got a job working for Barack Obama in Washington DC and tried to make Meredith and the family come with him.
Jason has no favorite subject or anything in particular that catches his eye. In season three, Burke abandoned Cristina at the altar and then just took off, eventually winning a Harper Avery award elsewhere and then at some point, moving to Zurich, Switzerland to open his own hi-tech hospital. Sandra Oh is currently one of the biggest TV stars, starring as Eve in the critically acclaimed BBC America series Killing Eve, for which she has won a Golden Globe. Sydney was the perky resident who took over for Bailey during her maternity leave and drove everyone crazy with her perkiness. All rights reserved.

He received a Master of Divinity from Emory University, where he was an FTE Fellow nominated by Ebenezer Baptist Church.

At the end of season five, George had just decided to enlist as a trauma surgeon in the army and was on his way to do so when he saved a woman from getting hit by a bus, and was hit himself. She also stars on the 2020 show Emily in Paris.

and Bailey, and shot at real close range. They were unable to save him, and he tragically died. He's been terribly remorseful from day one.

"I think it's fair to say he didn't think it through very carefully," he said.

Rickey McDuffie, the victim's father, referred to Myers as "an animal" outside Mount Vernon City Court after his arraignment on Aug. 29, 2016. One of the biggest tearjerkers on this list. Entertainment Television, LLC A Division of NBCUniversal. Quirky intern Heather died in season 10 during the huge storm, after she was electrocuted while trying to help Richard Webber. In 2019, he appeared on The Bravest Knight and will appear next in the HBO Max series The Flight Attendant with Kaley Cuoco. She left, after one last dance party with Meredith, in season 10. Chyler Leigh starred in the hilariously named series Taxi Brooklyn before taking on the role of the badass Alex Danvers on Supergirl. He received an MFA in Poetry from NYU, where Sharon Olds was his thesis advisor. Brooke Smith went on to appear in Bosch, Bates Motel, Supergirl, The Good Doctor, Chicago Med, and The Good Fight, and the 2019 film Bombshell.
Jason Myers is an American contemporary artist whose most essential influence is the way our lives intersect and react to the information around us. Isaiah Washington left the series after it was reported that he called costar T.R. Her long ago love Preston Burke then invited her to Zurich to run the cutting edge hospital he had opened, so he could retire with his family.