Easy to replace thus eliminating long shut-down periods. Immersion Heaters & Spares Electrical Heating > Immersion Heaters & Spares PHC supply a large range of immersion heaters, including copper, incoloy and titanium versions for domestic, commercial and industrial applications, and we also supply many immersion heater spares including rod thermostats, flange gaskets and immersion heater removal tools. Read More.. WATTCO to display newest innovations in duct heating at the AHR EXPO in Chicago No plastic here... high performance Titanium Immersion Heaters work well in salt water or more difficult solutions. Taking advantage of regularly scheduled maintenance saves you money, increases safety, and maximizes the operational efficiency o... Oil/water separation is an important process in the production of oil and gas. Read More.. These heating elements have a strong outer sheath to help protect the process heater from physical stress and uses high quality alloys to allow efficient heat transfer from resistance coil to your heating medium. Whereas some applications ... Reliable tank heating is at the core of many industrial processes.

Food Industries and Vegetable Oil Viscosity In Cleveland Ohio, a large food manufacturer called WATT... Read More.. What is a Pressure Vessel? Industries that use hydraulic or lubrication systems need oil flushing to keep equipment in good working condition. DXN & DXT Series Consider incoloy or titanium element to prevent corrosion. Read More.. Heater Element Configurations For Tanks

The Caloritech™ DXLC, DXRC, DXLI and DXRI Bottom Mount Immersion Heaters are designed for use in most liquid heating applications. Special features available upon custom order include multiple rows of elements to increase wattage, built-in thermostat or high limit controller.

Flanged immersion heaters are commonly used in steam boilers. Caloritech™ DXI Over-The-Side Immersion Heaters feature incoloy® sheathed elements, while the DXS features steel sheathed elements. Over-The-Side & Bottom Mount Immersion Heaters (DX Series), DXC, DXI, DXS, DXN and DXT Over-The-Side & Bottom Mount Immersion Heater Catalog Pages, RFQ for DXLC, DXRC, DXLI, DXRI, DXLF & DXRF Bottom Mount Immersion Heater, DXC, DXI, DXS, DXN and DXT Over-The-Side Immersion Heater Owner's Manual, DXLC, DXRC, DXLI, DXRI, DXLF & DXRF Bottom Mount Immersion Heater Owner's Manual, Available in a range of wattages, from 3 kW to 7.5 kW, Available in a variety of standard voltages from 208V to 600V, Unit weight of 8.8 lbs (4 kg) for the single element unit and 22 lbs (10 kg) for the three element unit, Special wattages, voltages, riser heights and materials available, Multiple rows of elements for higher wattages, Built in thermostat or high limit controllers, Passivication for Incoloy® and Stainless Steel, Standard available voltages range from 208V to 600V, 1 or 3 phase; special voltage available upon custom order, Standard wattages range from 3 kW to 18 kW; special wattage available upon custom order, Standard element lengths range from 12.4" to 51.8" (315 mm to 1316 mm), Standard watt density ranges from 14 W/in2 to 60 W/in2, depending on wattage and dimensions selected. Install an immersion heater from Grainger in a tank or other industrial container to heat water, oil, solvents or gas.

VFDs are only used with the AC motors, not with the DC type motors. Most of the parts of flanged heaters are made of stainless steel—an alloy that is mainly compri... Namely, there is an increased need for shale gas storage due to the vast quantities produced. Heating Experts Ready To Help You - Call 208-323-6143, © Copyright 2019 | website: https://industrialheatingsystems.com/.

TYPES DXN, DXT - These high grade inconel® or titanium sheathed heaters are frequently used when copper, stainless or incoloy® sheathed heaters are unsuitable. To accomplish their intended functions, they require reliable control and protection. This is a 3kw, 14inch immersed length Incoloy Immersion Heater complete with combined (operating & safety cut-out) plug-in, high temperature range thermostat. They’re an ...