2) A Dry Storage box too house the battery.

Tightly bundles cables and wires can cause interference. (document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0] || document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0]).appendChild(hs);

Next to a battery, you’ll have to fit a material that will also hold the battery. It will ensure that the battery is in place and not prone to any possible damage.

The fact that there exist different brands in the market would ginger you to go for the right pick, one that is user-friendly and comes with the best features.

Ensure that the cable wires used in connecting the battery to the fishfinder have no leak, and also remember to duct tape wherever needs to be duct taped in order to prevent interference. Before you place the battery on the toolkit and secure it, ensure that you make a hole wide enough for the cables.

Wiring a fishfinder to a battery is not as hard as most anglers see it to be, with the right knowledge and tools, the process will turn out to be a walk in the park. A well connected fishfinder and an effective baitcasting reel will ensure that your fishing adventure turns out to be a fruitful one, irrespective of the type of fishing, be it surf fishing, saltwater fishing, freshwater fishing, etc. Once you have joined two power cables together, they should be long enough to join the fishfinder device to your battery regardless of where you have placed your battery. They should be adequately long so they can get to the exit hole on the box.

This could be any toolkit box you can get in a hardware store. Connecting Fish Finder To Battery The Right Way. How do I hook up the power when the battery is 10 feet away? var _Hasync= _Hasync|| []; Garmin STRIKER 7sv Fishfinder with ... $349.95. • Select to zoom in. Ensure that you install your battery properly and discard those plastic connections by either heat shrinking and soldering the wire connections or you can make use of solder seal connectors.

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Power wires running against each other is also another source of interference, especially power cable wires. Kayaks shake, bounce, and vibrate and these connections don’t really secure up. Connecting to the Garmin Quickdraw Community with ActiveCaptain.

The one I chose to use was CB CHROMEBATTERY 12V 7AH Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Battery Piranha MAX 160 Fish Finder.

One major problem anglers face when hooking up a fish finder to a battery, is electrical interference, and more often than not, this is generated by wiring shortcuts, inappropriate connections and bad wiring. By so doing, you can charge your phone, LED lights, or anything else that you brought along to your fishing trip. Free Shipping! SHOP NOW.

Contacting Garmin® Product Support • Go to schematron.org /support for in-country support information.
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striker 4 fish finder pdf manual download. While fishing, if your fishfinder shuts down or restart while in use, probably because of the bouncing effect of your boat or kayak, then it should dawn on you that your fishfinder has power cycle issues. A bad battery will lead to power cycle problems. From there keep on marking the space where you will position your battery. Grab your toolkit box, or whatever you choose to put your battery in, and begin by marking the center. View and Download Garmin Striker 4 owner's manual online.

Here, at this juncture, is where things get hard. Don’t be worried, it’s not a severe issue. hs.src = ('//s10.histats.com/js15_as.js');

This way your battery will stay in place no matter how bumpy your ride will be. The power cables running from the battery to the exit hole on the box should not be too lengthy. At the end of the battery, ensure that you add a waterproof inline fuse and make use of adhesive lined heat shrink marine grade terminals. So be sure that you follow the right procedure when connecting your fishfinder to a battery to enjoy the benefit of an operational fishfinder. Please see more wiring amber you will see it in the gallery below.
2 Use the arrow keys to pan. striker series. I have the Garmin Striker 4. (function() { Dirty battery terminals or connectors always cause power cycle issues. Bought the striker 7 sv last night and so far everything is pretty straight forward, but I do not see a wiring diagram in the box. If you wish to get another reference about To Hook Up the Battery to A Garmin Striker 4

• Select to zoom out. You can also include a couple more power cables to the battery and make an extra hole.

I chose the Plano 131252 Dry Storage Emergency Marine Box, Orange. This is very crucial because you need to put the battery in the center to hold it successfully.

3) Ensure that you connect your fishfinder directly to the battery. There are 4 wires.