[352] On 30 November 2011, the Swiss government announced its decision to buy 22 Gripen NG aircraft for 3.1 billion Swiss francs. The nation has an advanced aircraft industry and has license built most of its fighter aircraft since the World War Two.

Saab JAS-39 Gripen vs F-35 Lightning II Comparison.

Mounted on a swashplate on the nose of the aircraft, the radar provides a 100° field of view and backward ability. This aircraft can be equipped with regular radio, Havequick/ SATURN secure radio frequency, long distance satellite communication systems, including Link 16 for wide area command and control (C2), which is compatible with FLORAKO radar systems. [82][166] On 11 December 2012, the Riksdag approved the purchase of 40 to 60 JAS 39E/Fs with an option to cancel if at least 20 aircraft are not ordered by other customers.

[123] In addition, the new Gripen integrates the Skyward-G Infra-red search and track (IRST) sensor, which is capable of passively detecting thermal emissions from air and ground targets in the aircraft's vicinity. [46], The Gripen C/D was a contender for 48 multirole fighters for the Polish Air Force started in 2001. Air combat is now defined and driven by technology.

Today, Sweden submitted its proposal of 12 new Gripen C/D fighter aircraft to Croatia. Saab has meanwhile started assembling fuselage parts for test aircraft 39-8 and static test article 39-83 at its Linköping site, and also is producing the first components for flight test asset 39-9. Gripen E-series will not only allow you to keep at pace with evolution, it will allow you to lead it.

[100] It is capable of flying at a 70–80 degrees angle of attack.

[373][374] In January 2019, Saab submitted a formal proposal for 30 to 40 Gripen Es to Armasuisse. 745 million euro), to be delivered in the 2018–20 timeframe, with a planned follow-up batch of another eight fighters.

The new Gripen E aircraft furnished with new IRST (Infra Red Look as well as Track) sensing units completed its maiden trip in April 2014. The final selection was to be in mid-2015 where an order for 24 to 30 fighters was expected. A triplex, digital fly-by-wire system is employed on the Gripen's flight controls,[98] with a mechanical backup for the throttle.

The aircraft flew over the air base after an air display of the Brazilian Smoke Squadron.

“For almost 16 years we have been in discussion with Brazil, and one thing is clear – they want the Gripen,” Sindahl says. Orders for brand-new generation aircraft for Sweden are based upon a first arrangement signed between SAAB as well as the Swedish Defense Materiel Management (FMV) in February as well as March 2012. [251] According to Saab executive Eddy De La Motte, the first F-39F will be delivered in 2023. First flown in May 2008, the test platform has now completed around 300 flights totalling 260h, says Mats Lundberg, head of flight test and verification. Gripen Maritime will meet or exceed all operational requirements for maritime fast jet operator nations around the world.

In 1979, the Swedish government began development studies for an aircraft capable of fighter, attack, and reconnaissance missions to replace the Saab 35 Draken and 37 Viggen in the Swedish Air Force.

This order was the first awarded under the provisions of the Letter of Agreement signed by the Norwegian Ministry of Defence and Gripen International in April 2007. Competing aircraft responding to the requirement include the F-16V, Su-35, Rafale and Eurofighter Typhoon. The Gripen was assessed as satisfactory for reconnaissance but unsatisfactory for combat air patrol and strike missions.

It is additionally equipped with a ground information link called ROVER, which gives communication to the Forward Air Controller (FAC) or Joint Terminal Strike Controller (JTAC) ashore. Read our policy.

[39] This batch of Gripens was equipped for in-flight refuelling from specially equipped TP84s.

Gripen E-series carries a variety of both active and passive measures to disrupt enemy efforts and protect itself and other friendly units. Its small logistics footprint and reduced spares inventory will make it significantly more maintainable and require far fewer personnel than existing fleet fighters. [335][336], In December 2010 leaked United States diplomatic cables revealed that the United States deliberately delayed Sweden's request for access to a US AESA radar until after Norway's selection.

Compared against 2009 prices, “it’s going to be a 50% productivity increase”, Ydreskog says. Switzerland has the option to purchase 22 Gripen E aircraft to be delivered between 2018 and 2021 under the agreement.

[171] In December 2001, having reportedly been swayed by Gripen International's generous financing and offset programme, the Czech government announced that the Gripen had been selected.

[123], In flight, the Gripen is typically capable of carrying up to 6,500 kg (14,330 lb) of assorted armaments and equipment. [36] By April 1994, five prototypes and two series-production Gripens had been completed; but a beyond-visual-range missile (BVR) had not yet been selected. Offsets linked to the purchase will total Swfr2.5 billion, to be placed within 10 years of a deal being signed.

[196] Hungary will be back to 14 Gripen with the signing of a replacement contract. It is also equipped with a ground data link called ROVER, which provides communication to the Forward Air Controller (FAC) or Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) on land. The cause of the crash was identified as pilot-induced oscillation, caused by problems with the FCS's pitch-control routine. Gripen C-series is the most reliable multi-role combat aircraft available in the world today. [321] The Swedish government announced on 21 July 2014 the Gripen's withdrawal from the Danish competition, having chosen not to respond to the invitation to tender.

Saab has also driven increased efficiency through its experience in the Gripen’s conversion from the A/B to C/D standards, as well as through manufacturing parts for Airbus and Boeing commercial products, and design and production work for the Dassault-led Neuron unmanned combat air system technology demonstrator. The increase in volume is made possible by moving the landing gear from the fuselage to the inner wing. [353][354] In 2012, a confidential report of the Swiss Air Force's 2009 tests of the three contenders was leaked, which had rated the Gripen as performing substantially below both the Rafale and the Eurofighter. The Swedish air force – which has so far received around 95 aircraft from an eventual 100 C/Ds converted from the A/B standard – also retains an aspiration to increase its eventual Gripen E fleet to 80, Byden says. Avoids detection by acting silent or suppressing enemy capabilities.

Comprising 204 (30 Batch I, 110 Batch II, 64 Batch III) Gripens delivered to Sweden, 1 to Brazil, 14 to Czech Republic, 14 to Hungary, 26 to South Africa, and 12 to Thailand.

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The E-model demonstrator activity using aircraft 39-7 has also been performed for just 40% of its initial projected cost, he adds. [269] On 29 March 2018, the Croatian government chose Israel's bid of 12 F-16C/D Barak 2020 fighters over the Gripen;[270] this sale was halted in January 2019 after the US failed to approve Israel's sale of the modified aircraft to Croatia.