To choose a green name, you could consider names with green in their meaning, such as Chloe (“green shoot”), but here’s a more direct route: pick the name of an actual shade of green, of which there are lots of good name possibilities. This is … These small harmless insects are common across the world in forests and woodlands. Some even feed on tree frogs and eggs. It is found commonly in North America. The bird found in abundance in rainforests and tropical forests has one of the most colorful beaks. These small harmless insects are common across the world in forests and woodlands. These are beneficial insects like Praying Mantis and are a part of the pest control program in many nations. This evocative green name, as soft and fresh as its correlative in nature, was long associated with playwright Moss Hart, but has been heard since as characters in the British sitcom The IT Crowd (as a nickname for Maurice) and the series The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd. Part of HuffPost Parenting. But with jewel names like Ruby and Pearl coming back strong, maybe there’s hope for Beryl. Along with Chloe and Hunter, other names with green meanings in the US Top 1000 include Daphne, Esme, India, Jade, Kelly, Laurel, Olive, and Silas. But has Apple gotten a bad rap that will find some latter day redemption? While not as common, green names such as Emerald, Fern, Forest, and Roscoe have been attracting more attention recently. It seldom bites a human being but aggressively attack insects that harm crops. You may want to checkout the below video for some more green things. Sign In. The top girl name that means green is Chloe, a Greek name meaning “young green shoot”. Hunter is by far the most popular of the green-hue names, now ranking at Number 36. Well, there is a long list that I am presenting you below. It does come with the homey... Read More, The name Daphne is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "laurel tree, bay tree". Read More, The name Celadon is a boy's name . A Latin name with a lot of tango flair. show list info. It is found on multiple kinds of shrubs in Florida and other parts of America. Commonly found in the coastal plains in North Carolina, these small lizards can be completely green. They alert other birds with their alarm calls when they spot any predator in their neighborhood. Olive is a hot celeb favorite, used by Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen and by Drew Barrymore, among others. Found in India, Burma, Bangladesh and other countries of South-East Asia, the snake is a slender one and only mildly venomous. Actor Josh Holloway used it for his son. It can cover a long distance in search of food. Yet it still manages to stay in the Top 400 for girls, though completely off the radar for boys. This insect mostly thrives in a wet and cool weather condition. Word Finder Deluxe A more casual version of our popular :60 Word Finder game with more time to play and more letters to use – plus fun music and sound effects!