As an adult there are no rocks. (Floor 3) In the large room with the many poles and fire walls (where you knock the large block down to boss room entance), jump across to the square platform the holds the large block. In the Map room, hit the foot switch in the leftmost jail cell -- you'll need to go around and bomb the wall on the western side. 67 (Adult) On the wall in the room with the moving platforms. 39 (Child, Nighttime) On the wall near the giant log. At the bottom of the block room; in the SW corner. In the room prior to the boss chamber, climb the vines to the top of the structure. Play the Song of Time repeatedly; it's inside a crate in the SW corner.

At the end of the river (in front of the waterfall leading to Zora's Domain).

When you reach the room, grab a small crate and backtrack to the center tower in the main hall. One silver rock here requires Silver Gauntlets to lift. In the next room, with the large pool, play the. In the room prior to fighting Dark Link (with the sliding platforms and waterfall), you'll see it hanging in the center of the north wall. In a tree near the entrance.

Gold Skulltulas can only be found at night, underground or inside dungeons. Find the spider behind it. Kill all the enemies using the Lens of Truth and use Din's Fire to burn the spider webs across the gap. The spider rests on the platform, but in order to get it, you'll need to drag the west-lone sun block to the sunlight on the east side of the room. Have the Lens of Truth handy down there…. One secret area has some spiders behind it which you can hear through the wall. 50 (Child, Nighttime) Look to the right as you walk across a small wooden bridge. High up on the dirt wall above center entrance to fort buildings. Here you can bomb a lighter-toned wall to reveal a Skulltula. [NIGHT], On the watch tower ladder. 29 (Either) After using a bomb flower to create a staircase, look on some vines near the exit up top. In this bizarre chamber, smash the rusted switch with your hammer to open up an alcove. NY 10036. Keep this in mind while searching! On the side of the Lakeside Laboratory house; near the bridge to the NW. Get up on the clear material in the room and shoot the Skulltula rotating on top of one of the high walls and use the Boomerang to collect the coin. 23 (Young Link) – As you enter the Death Mountain Summit (likely after completing the second dungeon), quickly roll into a crate. 32 (Adult) In the baby Dodongo room (which held #28) notice how Navi will fly off and circle another area.