David A. Waldman is a professor of leadership at W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University. We believe that this “either/or” approach leads to highly undesirable outcomes, however. First, recognize and explain to your team that it is not only okay, but actually important, to take both perspectives into account even if we naturally lean toward one side or the other. Provide links when applicable. Globalism in the post-war period embodied their commitment to find an international political order to fit this newly interconnected world. Before making any major decision that seems to juxtapose a globalist view against a nationalist view, take thefollowing steps. Organizations and treaties such as NAFTA, the United Nations, the WTO, The TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership), Agenda 21, UN Agenda 2030 and scores of others are all part of Globalization. So an important question to ask is where will the Globalist agenda lead us vs. the Nationalist agenda? “I’m a nationalist and a globalist,” Trump told the Wall Street Journal in April 2017. With a Hillary Clinton election there is no turning back. This has led some executives to ask themselves personally defining questions: “Am I a globalist or a nationalist? In the 1940s as well as today, skeptics of globalism have exploited the unsolved challenge of pluralism, arguing that it risked either hypocritically endowing global validity to one’s own values or accepting any values for the sake of global unity. So an important question to ask is where will the Globalist agenda lead us vs. the Nationalist agenda? Foreign Affairs, Published by the Council on Foreign Relations. QUIZ: Are you a globalist or a nationalist? Sovereign nation. You see Globalism goes hand in hand with Global Governance which aims to control every single aspect of your life and have each and every one of us more and more dependent upon the government for our very survival. Only a political strategy grounded in a global understanding of political relations can effectively advance national interests. I will tell you this. This is really interesting, You are a very skilled blogger. Thinkers such as Raymond Aron, David Mitrany, Owen Lattimore, Nicholas Spykman, Barbara Wootton, Lionel Curtis, Clarence Streit, Lionel Robbins, Friedrich Hayek, Charles E. Merriam, Michael Polanyi, Richard McKeon, Jacques Maritain, and Luigi Sturzo were among those who identified increasing interconnectedness throughout the world, including in technological, cultural, and economic terms. First, recognize and explain to your team that it’s not only okay, but actually important, to represent both global and national concerns in decision-making. And although Trump’s decision to reject the Paris Accord on climate change affirms his commitment to limiting America’s global obligations, the amount of time and energy his administration had to dedicate to doing so also demonstrates the depth of these connections. “I’m both.” Even in this rare show of support for “globalism,” Trump presents it as one of two oppositional forces: nationalism vs. globalism. We’ve learned that effective emergency response requires that adequate supplies also be available at home. The recognition of the world’s “oneness” did not mean that political or cultural homogeneity was inevitable or desirable. ; 2) what criteria would a pure globalist decision-maker who focuses on benefits to the global corporation use? Globalism vs Internationalism. The globalists’ challenge was and remains the need to stretch democracy to fit a world scale, recognizing that its key attributes come in various forms. Instead, they must figure out how to be both at the same time. Do you have any tips for beginner blog writers? The company might also explore the possibility of doing the same in the United States as an affordable alternative for low income patients, or selling it at a higher cost but offering special discounts to those populations. Hong Kong, June 2012. Globalist thinkers proposed alternatives to the declining European imperial order. A strong nationalist focus, on the other hand, narrows one’s perspective in a different way, limiting possibilities abroad. Bobby Yip / REUTERS. Globalism challenges the idea that national, regional, or international political decisions can be detached from global implications and causes. Similarly, for the geopolitician Nicholas J. Spykman, globalism referred to the American strategy of becoming a leading world power that could replace the British imperial system with a new American world order. All rights reserved. I have been looking everywhere for this! As one told us, “There is nothing wrong with the government of China developing policies to ensure maximum benefit to the country.”. In the United States, many manufacturers applauded the tariffs that the Trump administration placed on foreign competitors. I covered a much more in depth analysis of this in a VI part series of posts. Copyright © 2020 Harvard Business School Publishing.