She needs to mature soundly and learn more solid and personal work. It’s a departure from her most recent pop-focused albums that were designed to provide more crowd-pleasing jams. What does this have to do with Taylor Swift? Make your early Oscar predictions now. In the moment of a pandemic all we don't want is to listen to this album and cry again. The lockdown may have been a terrible moment for music and musicians, but it has resulted in Taylor’s Swift’s most powerful and mature album to date. Wait until more reviews have come in to compare with her other albums. You can see how forced it sounds, despite all the good proposals that surround this album, the generic style of Swift's voice sends everything down the drain. Any skip? The songs are complicated narratively and lyrically, connecting in very subtle ways. based on Quando Rihanna e Beyoncé se propuseram a inovar e criarem músicas mais lentas, chamaram suas músicas de "músicas para dormir" e as boicotaram. You are trying to be judged. nothing new, no creativity, no innovation, it’s tiring and unbearable. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. The first single (the music video dropped the same day that the album was released) is also the first song in the aforementioned teenage love triangle trilogy. Lyrically the best album she has done so far!! no good lyrics. While the album tends to lull around its middle, folklore is far less concerned with its individual tracks than the greater, twisting conversation — the sort of hours-long, sanity-affirming chats that have become vital over these last four months. As with Lover, folklore wears out its welcome by containing too many tracks. She chose to not promote before dropping this album as a surprise just so that she could emphasise more on the artwork she has created rather than focusing on charting the billboards. One of Taylor Swift’s favorite lyrical themes is her complicated relationship with fame and attention. I want the old and pop Taylor back. sounds boring and repetitive, all the tracks sound the same and have the same theme, but it is indeed a sad album, that’s the only thing i like about it. amazing lyrics, amazing production, amazing sounds. its ridiculous that mediocore stuff like this gets praised by so many fans and critics. - I just dont like it.All the songs sound the same.It is just a very boring album! This was her JOANNE but didn’t do it well enough for it to be a successful era for me, i expected more from taylor, she is my idol but this album ain’t it, her older albums are so much better than this, Moneygrab and it just sounds like all her others album, I think it was rush, This was so hard to listen to, I don't remember the last time I was desesperated for an album to come to an end. She somehow had managed to conceive of, write, perform, and produce a full-length album of original music in just four months. the album it’s pretty boring, idk i didn’t really liked the music, reputation and the 1989 were much better, All songs are incredibly similar, vocals are nothing to write home about tbh old Taylor had it down pat. I'm sorry but she should've stopped doing whatever she's trying years ago. Also strange and I don’t like the alternative Taylor. But it doesn’t necessarily need to be a grand step forward—that it’s a whimsical and intriguing album offering new insights into Swift’s work is completely enough. On Friday morning Taylor Swift dropped folklore, her new album that came as a bit of a surprise.The album has a feature from Bon Iver, and credits … You are not trying to be liked. Her greatest album — so far.”, Bobby Olivier (Spin): “While the album tends to lull around its middle, ‘Folklore’ is far less concerned with its individual tracks than the greater, twisting conversation … She’s become a consummate songstress, even if she still feels underestimated, as she quips on ‘Cardigan’: ‘When you are young, they assume you know nothing.” She’s been proving otherwise since signing her first record deal at 15, half her life ago.'”. Such a boring album. This bonus track was originally only available on the physical CD for sale on her website, but was later released digitally. Rather she examines the process through which men induce anger and madness in women through abuse and then leverage sexist tropes and structures to publicly chastise them for behaving angry and mad. Some have said it is “boring.” And it is certainly true that it lacks the stadium-ready anthems, varied tempos, and soaring vocals of her previous albums. 175k members in the popheads community. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. There are characters Swift has never introduced before. I have now listened to it in full twice and pored over the lyrics with great curiosity. You can sense Antonoff, in the songs he did with Swift, working to meet the mood and style of what Dessner had done or would be doing with her, and bringing out his own lesser-known acoustic and lightly orchestrated side. Didn’t enjoy it and it felt like one long song. Like birdy came out her tomb and made a new album. Generic, sounds like Lana del Rey but ver y "cliché" it is nothing new, hoy bored at the second track. The final song in the high school love triangle trilogy, this one is from the perpetrator’s perspective (ostensibly a man named James). Não gostei muito não, embora tenha uma super produção e uma clipe maravilhoso que tira o fôlego. It is deeply moving and ends the album on a much darker note than her previous albums. Pasando la mismísima folclórica trata de ser como lana del año y lo logro, igual de aburridas y monótonas. It’s a highly nuanced emotional wrecking ball that moves, inspires, and leaves little doubt as to Swift’s genius as a songwriter and musician. Such a horrible and boring album. True? Even before anyone in the general public had heard it, the album was already a game-changer for Swift. Unfortunately the album sounds like one whole song. With this record serving as an "experimental" attempt and a maturity in Taylor's music, the storytelling is convoluted, the instrumentation is uninteresting, and her Taylor's vocals are the same as they've always been. [Oct 2020, p.36]. That’s a full 10 points higher than her previous personal best, “Lover,” which came out only 11 months ago. These 16 tracks (17 on the deluxe version) play out quite pleasurably in their entirety, the joins between Swift, Dessner and Antonoff ultimately only of niche interest. There isn’t a single stand-out, radio-friendly hit on the album. The growth is inspiring, I don't actually care about those negative reviews given by haters ...Stream folklore for clearskin. Everything in this album was already expected and there’s no growth from the last album by Tayler. based on In the end, folklore may or may not reflect a permanent musical shift for Taylor Swift. Even with the palpable style of The National all over the album, it does feel like Swift has finally found the authenticity she’s been chasing with each respective release ever since Red. Nenhuma crítica na letra e nenhum elemento revolucionário na carreira nem na indústria. No catchy hooks, no catchy or upbeat songs. Boring, repetitive, Taylor we needed something more innovative, and different but you come once again and just show the same. © 2020 METACRITIC, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. But, for me, it is unequivocally her best album to date (and this comes from someone who really loves the Grammy-winning blockbuster 1989). [Oct 2020, p.36]. All her Albums are same with different names. The production, the lyrics, her voice. These are beautifully turned songs filled with empathy for downtrodden characters battered by life but always ready to fight back, bridging social distance with langorous melodies and deep emotion. The worst album, cardigan is a worst balad with worst rhythm, why taylor? Sorry, this post has been removed by the moderators of r/popheads. I could even give it a higher grade because of the production and the great work with Bon Iver in “exile”, but nothing she does can come out well for me.