Hook horrors have their own language, communicating in a series of clicks and clacks. Jarlaxle (estranged son of Yvonnel Baenre) is the leader of the drow mercenary band Bregan D'aerthe. Icingdeath and Twinkle: The twin scimitars of Drizzt Do'Urden in the Forgotten Realms novels. She was tricked and sacrificed to Lolth to summon Zaknafein by using Zin-carla. Technical information Stand your NPC party members around him in a tight circle, then remove those NPCs from your party. I shall barely break a sweat here today! Bruenor was not always king, he resided in Ten Towns with Catti-brie, Regis and the new comer who resided in the outskrits of the towns...Drizzt. He is killed by Zaknafein, and his body, having returned to its true form, is placed into a pool of acid.. Dahlia is an elf warrior first seen in the Gauntlgrym series.She is with her vampire lover Hector Dor'Crae, and is tasked by the Red Wizard of Thay lich Zuikir Szass to go to create a Dread Ring. She was Drizzt's primary caretaker when he was a child, and alone of the rest of the family, she could sometimes show some kindness to Drizzt. This is an eight-foot-long staff that can be broken into four two-foot sections attached by a chain. Drizzt first encountered a group of gnolls when he first got out of the Underdark. Knowing Drizzt was no killer did not fear Drizzt's threats at him, and though defeated returned the threat at Drizzt. They grew a close friendship over the years and Drizzt has even been allowed to spend time alone in her home, loving her conversasions with him. DRIZZT.cre. Class Slash Becoming a priestess of Lolth made it impossible for her to break free of the evil of the drow and Menzoberranzan like her brother Drizzt would. Drizzt once spared his life, and Belwar returns the favor. They wanted Drizzt to join their group in killing a family of humans. Drizzt Do'Urden is a Drow (dark elf) from Menzoberranzan, one of the largest cities in the Underdark of Faerun. Combat basics And once they learned of Drizzt, deviced a plan to have their servant Tephanis the quickling make Drizzt the scape goat for all the murders in the area including that of the Thistledown family who Ulgulu killed using Drizzt's form. Hatch'net is the lore master of the Academy' Melee-Magthere school for warriors. The hook horror is an aberration that stands about nine feet (274 cm) tall and weighs almost 350 pounds (160 kg). Instead of hands/paws/claws, its front limbs end in 12-inch-long (30 cm) razor-sharp, blade-like hooks. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Wielded by the anti-hero, Drizzt Do'Urden (pictured left), Twinkle and Icingdeath were both supposedly based on scimitars, and indeed the differences between them are only in the cosmetic appearance of the … Once Drizzt killed Ulgulu and his brother Kempfana. APR Assuming that it was his father Zaknafein, he set out to rescue him. Catti-brie's mother died in childbirth, and her father moved with his daughter from Mirabar to Termalaine, one of the Ten Towns. Kelnozz Kenafen is a young drow elf warrior whom Drizzt meets upon first arriving at Melee_Magthere. None Baldur's Gate(1998)Content from the original Baldur's Gate main campaignBaldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition(2012)Content from the Enhanced Edition campaign Baldur's Gate Dinin is brother of Drizzt Do'Urden, first appearing in R.A. Salvatore's Dark Elf Trilogy, beginning with the first book Homeland, following in the second book Exile, and returning in the Legacy of the Drow series' first book The Legacy. You there! Gnolls are conscidered to be half humanoid half hyena but but first introduced in 1974 told to be a cross between a gnomes and trolls but evolved into the humanoid hyena they are today. The Dark Elf Sword Twinkle was one half of a pair of functional carbon steel twin blades from the Forgotten Realms books created by R.A. Salvatore and brought to life by Windlass Steelcrafts. Morale He takes a while to go down, but the wall of weak enemies will keep him away from your party. Driders develop a poisonous bite. Wizard of House Hunett, and original keeper of Guenhwyver. Product Description Beneath the surface of Faerun, there is a race of elves so evil and cunning that the wise kill them on sight. With Jarlaxle's betrayal, her house was defeated and punished by the ruling council of Menzoberranzan. Brister was a human wizard in the underdark sought out by Drizzt and Belwar Dissengulp to save the life of their new found friend Clacker. Vierna Do'urden is the second born daughter of House Do'urden, and older sister to Drizzt. Level — Volothamp Geddarm, Sword Coast Survival Guide, Drizzt Belwar Dissengulp is a member of the deep gnome race, and one of the first among Faerun's races to place trust in the drow Drizzt Do'urden. This usually makes them bitter, spiteful creatures. And Twinkle came from Malchor in the Twilight Tower [EDIT: --er, "Tower of Twilight"]. So the day he meet Drizzt, his equal, his world was turned upside down. Drizzt threatend to feed him to Guenhwyvar unless he changed Clacker back into a pech. Wis When Malice's mother died, Briza, Zaknafein and Nalfein where still young, and Malice had just finished her clerical studies. APR Spells & abilities These crypts crawl with the undead. She was a strong priestess and had favor of Lolth for a long time. He will be unable to get out from behind the NPCs to attack your main character… Seclusion from having family, friends or any relationship what so ever, doing so would make him weak and vunerable. XP value Exclusive equipment Together they both tried to bring down Drizzt, but failed. If this happens, the Gnolls may surround him and keep him from moving, and Drizzt won't retaliate against them. After Zaknafein is sacrificed, he becomes her first husband. 4 -16 Class -10 12000 This transformation is very painful, and lasts at least 12 hours. These are the Underdark drow. 1 She was Matron House Hun'ett for a long time. He has a gruff exterior, but a soft heart, as is proved by his taking orphans into his care. Eight are in her left ear to signify lovers she has murdered and one in her right ear for those who have so far escaped that fate. Conner Jr. is the eldest child of Conner Thistledown. It is thought that the hook horror is distantly related to the cockroach, despite its bird-like qualities[citation needed]. Drizzt had his first encounter with these creatures during his adventures in the Underdark with Belwar Dissengulp and Clacker. Drizzt unknowingly created enemies of these creatures when he first went above ground and killed the Barghest servants known as gnolls to save a human family the gnolls were going to kill, and likley bring their bodies back to the barghest. With the ability to drag as much as four hundred pounds up their trap lines, few creatures are big enough to be safe from cave fishers. Items Attack him with ranged weapons, or long-reach melee weapons like, Put all party members but one on the island. Are you sure you know where you left it? Zaknafein was later brought back through Zin-carla to hunt Drizzt in the Underdark. While being hunted by a dead Zaknafein who was possessed by Lolth's Spirit Wraith and being controlled by Matron Malice. The panther’s name is Guenhwyvar. 101 He was accepted as an appropriate sacrifice instead of Drizzt that night, saving the young baby's life. The spirit-wraith found Drizzt and fought him in a cavern where there were walkways over a pit of acid. All rights reserved. Killed This little halfling has been around since the begining with the Crystal Shard. No copyright infringement is intended. He doesn’t use the panther unless severely taxed, as he is limited to using it for a certain period of time each day. 30 Use Invisibility and stand at the edge of vision of Drizzt. Again Drizzt's merciful nature showed, and he convinced his group to let Belwar live (using the excuse that he could serve as a warning to the svirfneblin against venturing so close to Menzoberranzan). They are known to be worshippers of the demon lord Yeenoghu, who also holds domain over ghouls.Some gnolls stand as tall as eight feet and weigh up to 320 lbs. Driders still maintain the spells and special abilities they had developed as a drow. Malice never regained Lolth's favor but was given a final chance by Lloth to regain her favor by destroying Drizzt by the use of Zin-carla. Alignment While he's busy dealing with the gnolls and the trash minions, pelt him with arrows. Kit Dinin was also a master of Melee-Magthere until the beginning of the Do'Urden-Hun'ett conflict. Approach and, Drizzt can be pickpocketed rather than killed, but be careful with saving and reloading if you attempt to steal after all dialogue has been exhausted with him, as he will disappear even after re-loading. Alignment They became bitter rivals during that time, with Kelnozz always being second best to Drizzt. It was later revealed that Wulfgar was the demon's captive, and that Zaknafein was indeed dead. Poly They retain intelligence and memories. Should you get help from him, he and his friends will be waiting in the north-east corner of the Lower Tombs. He asks the player for help in fending them off, though he obviously does not actually need it. But Zaknafein, the father of Drizzt willingly took his place as that sacrafice, clearing Drizzt off the hook. She is the former ruler of Silverymoon and now High Lady to the Leaque of Silver Marches. 30 13 Ten years prior to the events of Exile, Drizzt was part of a raiding party of Menzoberranzan who attacked a mining party of svirfneblin, led by Belwar. Tephanis is a quickling who is working for Ulgulua and Kempfana, and plagues Drizzt as he strives to protect the Thisledown family. The Brothers had been feeding off the humans of Faerun for months, living up in the mountains fifty miles north of Sundabar. Zaknafein was sacrificed to Lolth by Matron Malice when House Do'Urden fell out of Lolth's favor. Though they're often encountered on their own, they also live in clusters of up to four individuals, who cooperate in trapping, killing, and eating. -16-18 vs. slashing-14 vs. crushing A helpful tip if you wish to fight him in SoA is to use the Staff of Domination found in the Mind Flayer section of the Underdark. Still, in the Underdark where the most evil of creatures lie, there are none who would not shudder at the fury of the "Spider-Kissers" being turned on them. Drizzt threatend to feed him to Guenhwyvar unless he changed Clacker back into a pech. Zaknafein Do'Urden was an excellent warrior, considered the finest in Menzoberranzan, but most importantly, he attempted to refute the evil of drow elves. She was slain by House Baenre troops. I have no desire to keep traveling about in circles.