Will use in N Arkansas.

Check the garment periodically to make sure the down insulation does not clump in one area of the garment. It is very warm and I do like it, but I wish it had internal pockets for stuff like my licenses and stamps and stuff. Share you waterfowl hunting gear tips and questions here. JMHO. Should you ever need to patch or repair the neoprene material or breathable material of your waders, clean the area to make sure it is free of mud and debris. I would go with the Cabelas brand. 1-36 of 39 results ... Drake MST Breathlite 1/4 Zip Pullover - Polar Blue .

It is the obligation of the government to prove to the rest of the citizenry that the citizen is a bad person, You're in luck. Including blinds, camo, clothing, etc... For decoys and calls, please see the other appropriate forums for that type of genre, Thanks. Other than that great product. This binding has become less as the material stretches slight with memory and wear, but if you're used to the stretch and fit of neoprene, you may need to get used to the fit of the different cut and materials. Occasionally, positions at Drake Waterfowl come available and will be posted here on our website. I've one of each I'll give to you. i can't speak for the drake but i love my cabelas 4 in 1. i have had it for 2 seasons now with literally no problems.

I'd always worn Columbia products until I bought my first Drake pullover. Join the Hunt Club to receive Free Ground Shipping on orders over $75, Free Ground Shipping on ALL orders over $125, translation missing: en.layout.navigation.expand, translation missing: en.layout.navigation.collapse, translation missing: en.layout.navigation.toggle, Hose off any thick mud to avoid having it dry and cake on the waders, especially in the knees and around the boots, Place the waders somewhere they can dry, either by hanging them upside-down or laid flat, Do not leave your waders in the direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time -- once they are dry, move them inside.

Only issue ive had is with the waterproof zipper on the chest pocket. I would say MST if you have layers you can put on underneath. Make sure your waders are completely clean and free of mud and debris. I think theyre the finest wader ive ever used. Realtree Timber. This three-layer fabric is not as restrictive as neoprene and allows you more freedom of movement.

If you are willing to spend $700, pair the Sitka Gear "Dakota Hoody or Jacket" with the "Delta Wading Jacket". It was in the high 20s lows 30s in the morning and I was perfectly warm with only 2 shirts on underneath. As a garment is worn and used over time, accumulation of soils from external sources as well as oils from your own body will lessen the performance of any waterproof system. This is simply a guide to get you started. Its kept me warmer than any other jacket I've ever owned. Please include your receipt proof of purchase and pictures of product.

Yes. I too find the cuffs to be a bit restrictive, but I also think that's a small price to pay for the overall comfort.

Thinsulate Ultra is in the boots. bubba watch for this jacket to go on sale; got mine last year; gore tex and just get a down jacke for the liner and your good to go. ... Really hoping my drake lst waders hold up. Easily fixed with a little strategic unzipping.

Keeping the water repellent finish on the shell of your garments in top shape will boost the performance of the HyperShield Technology in the fabric and provide maximum protection in the field. Drake’s HyperShield Technology is a high-performance fabric that delivers exceptional performance in both waterproof protection and breathability, a must for highly active hunters.

The belt sits very low and pulls a bit when in the seated position.. I would get the Columbia Omni-tech - Life time warranty on waterproof. All i have to say is i hope the knees stretch out some, they are really stiff when tryin to wade/walk through the grasses.
I just picked up my Cabelas first flight breathable waders which are on sale for $129 and Cabelas has a $20 off coupon too. I am having the same problem, what are the advantages to the drake then?

Avoid storing the waders in areas of high heat, such as an attic or storage unit. I would say MST if you have layers you can put on underneath.

the price fit my budget as well.

The LST 4-in-1 Coat and the LST 3-in-1 Plus 2 have the same outer shell jacket. I wear my mst probably 45 days a year but those last couple weeks get a little much for the mst even with layers.

Including blinds, camo, clothing, etc... For decoys and calls, please see the other appropriate forums for that type of genre, Thanks. Also... the internal "Waterproof" pocket....ISN'T. The LSTs are really thick though so if its warm where you live early season Id suggest a light weight breathable wader in addition, or going with one the MSTs which arent so heavy. Looking at getting a new duck jacket after 10+ years. I've noticed the cordura on the knees and seat have finally started to loosen up a little, making it easier to maneuver around. This is especially true for hunters with high exposure to the elements or if your garment is 3 or more seasons old. The boots actually fit well and don't have access bulk... they fit true to size. http://www.sierratradingpost.com/be...=PCGOOGLES6¤cy=USD&codes-processed=true, Classifieds - Stud Service (wanted or for stud), VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. Designed to provide the most dependable waterproof protection on the market, this wader utilizes a durable and comfortable 5mm neoprene shell put together with 4-phase DryFuse Seam Technology. I have a Drake LST jacket now for 3 seasons. We do not accept exchanges. I spent all my money on Liquor & Women. As you can imagine, we receive thousands of requests each year and we can only accommodate a few in the local communities in which live and work. You get more versatility in the jacket and the Dry Plus technology works.

When i bent over it blew out the bottom. Drakes customer service would not replace it. Drake Waterfowl does not accept unsolicited idea submissions that do not follow the guidelines above. Might want to check out Rivers West. Bubba Joiner HRCH Hold My Beer & Watch This QA2 AFC Hope She's A Duk Dawg NDL, QA2 This Beer Is Making Me Awesome QA2. Compare Compare Now.

Love both of them. Basically, the water repellent finish keeps the outer fabric from becoming saturated so the breathable HyperShield barrier can do its job.

I bought them for $209 shipped BNIB, when I saw an ad in the DHC classifieds. Share you waterfowl hunting gear tips and questions here. At this point I still love my LaCrosse waders.. but I don't dislike these anymore. The rubberized material kinda dry rotted, so i doubt its water proof anymore. in the early spring and late fall the inside liner works really well as a simple jacket too. Designed for the hardcore waterfowl hunter, MST™ Eqwader 2.0 Bootfoot Wading System™ waders from Drake Waterfowl® Systems are loaded with features. do u see any possible issues they might have.. what are your intial thoughts. The fit, pocket design, and features are identical on all three models. The boots also have the buckles to tighten them up a bit. I've used my EST in several conditions (heat, cool, muck, water, long walks, pouring rain, standing/sitting in each of these conditions) except freezing weather and have been happy with them. If I even think about moving decoys I break out in an uncontrollable sweat....The stuff is extremely warm. Drake Men's Waxed Canvas Hat. I am torn between two jackets and would like the input of those on this board. You may all go to hell, and I will go to Texas.

Plus you get the Cabelas guarantee.

Other than no damn ducks that is. You know your hunting in South Carolina when a bunch of ducks fly in and you shot both of them!!

I did not pay the full price that's advertised on their site. Machine wash cold in either baking soda or a detergent designed for sportsmen.

The fit of the cabelas jacket I think kind of sucks. I have a hodgepodge of Drake, Hodgman, Cabelas, Gamehide, and Lacrosse clothing and I have always heard good things about the Cabelas gear, especially the dry plus. Hunting, fishing, Labrador Retrievers and at the end of the day a glass of Forty Creek Barrel Select Canadian Whisky - Life is sweet. For hours. The Dakota series would be your insulating layer with the Wading jacket as your waterproof shell. anyone else have any probs? If space is an issue or if laying flat is not possible, place the waders in a plastic tub. We are thankful for this kind of support and are very grateful for the hunters that trust their hunts to Drake products, however Drake Waterfowl does not sponsor individual hunters, groups of hunters, or hunting clubs.

Any unsolicited ideas or suggestions submitted to Drake Waterfowl become property of Drake Waterfowl for use as we see fit.

We spend a great deal of time and resources on developing and testing new products and we typically max out our capacity for new products and product improvements each year and have limited ability to review external idea contributions. Problem with wax cotton is that it's stiff as heck in the cold...that and it's heavy. In 2014, Drake introduced the 2.0 Wading System which completely overhauled the Drake waders to offer industry-leading protection. I have 2 Cabelas parkas and 2 pair of hunting pants all with Cabelas dry plus. I was looking at the Drake waders. When properly taken care of, a pair of waders will last for many years.

I use silicone spray on my breathable jackets. I won't go into how I found out.. but the zipper was zipped and I know have a dead cell phone. I have the Cabelas jacket, have had it for two years now. i have also sat in -25 degrees for 2 1-2 hours without getting cold in it which is the really big plus. it doesn't rain a lot here during duck season (way to cold for rain) obviously but the few times that it has i have had no problems. 3) you must present a non-disclosure agreement if you want such an agreement to be in place prior to reviewing the idea. We currently offer Drake Waterfowl products in Realtree® Max-5™, Mossy Oak® Shadow Grass Blades™, and Mossy Oak®Shadow Branch™. Also I have hunted in down pours and have never gotten wet. So I have aroun $300 into two pairs of great waders that I will be able to hunt in any conditions in.

Anyone interested in applying for one of the limited sponsorships we may have available may do so by e-mailing their media kit to info@drakewaterfowl.com or submitting by mail to Drake Waterfowl, Attn: Marketing, 7282 Maygan Dr., Olive Branch, MS 38654.

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Compare Compare Now. The game plan was simple: make 2cd generation MST Eqwader 2.0 Wader the driest, toughest, most dependable camo wader in the marsh, pot hole, swamp or flooded timber. For donation requests in your area, we encourage you to contact your local Drake retailer to give them the opportunity to be active in your community as well.