Build is this: Weapons: Pyromaniac and emilines gaurd; and D50 with ignited, Mask: Douglas & Harding, Creeping death, 45% DTE and 391 Skill power, Chest: Fenris, unstoppable force, 10% weapon damage, 22k armor, 8k health, Holster: Alraldi holdings, devastating, 730 skill power, Kneepads: Gila Gaurd, patience, 12k armor (2 mods: 7k armor, 3k health, 2% elite protection & 9k health, 2k armor, 1.5% total armor), Gloves: Sokolov concern, Perfectly wicked, 10% ar damage, 4% smg damage, 121 skill power, Backpack: Gila gaurd, insulated, 9.5% armor, 9k armor, 391 skill power (2 mods: 88 skill power, 3% burn damage, 2.5% explosive & 5k armor, 2% total armour, 3% elite protection), P. S. Sorry if formatting, done on me phone, Edit 2 (stats): 15k Pyromaniac & 17k emelines gaurd, 320k armour, 2k skills, Eagle bearer, Pyromaniac and clutch. When it comes to specializations, it's all about how to get experience quickly and efficiently. For solo play or if you need more personal damage you can switch to the Pyro and switch to Wicked Gloves with AR Damage, Right now it's 9/11/2 with bloodsucker..perfectly wicked..spark with no merciless.proc'd by my pyro alone..been playing alot of challenging missions with my friends and having a blast with it, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the thedivision community.

The Corpulent is the final boss of this mission and leaving him for last is preferred. In the final area of Tidal Basin, Wyvern waits, and it's a matter of clearing the area until she drops and letting loose two Firefly Blinder blasts to get her blinded. Going through DCD Headquarters has the Scorchers needed and the other objectives can be done at the same time. Still haven't unlocked btsu gloves yet, what are the perks on it? Kill "The Corpulent" in Potomac Event Center after destroying his ammo pack first on Normal difficulty or higher, kill enemies with melee attacks from a ballistic shield, salute burning enemies before killing them, kill named enemies with skills, complete DARPA Research Labs on Hard or higher.

Seems like a really good build, thx for suggesting it!

What gear/talents/weapons are people running for firewall? The unofficial home for discussing Tom Clancy's The Division and The Division 2; online RPGs from Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment. And the shield is pretty freakin good with the flame thrower. Also, do not dismiss the Invaded missions.

Neutralize her right after and objective complete. Related: Division 2: How to Complete the Firewall Specialization The specializations each have a skill tree that needs building to make the specialization, and the special weapon, more powerful. A turret is preferred here as it allows for more time to salute. I was using chem launcher earlier, it is a good skill but can be annoying if they just run away or it hits an object as you essentially waste a shot. Akilling up the tree for burn duration and the medkit from firewall is real nice. A tough one is having Scorchers or exploding enemies cause the fire which puts going down a very real risk. Killing bleeding enemies can be an annoying one to do although a Stinger Hive or Explosive Seeker can add the bleed without much trouble.

Already playn with Pyro and BTSU. An incendiary grenade can be a bit time consuming to have to aim and release it but it can be viewed as an alternative.

Kill "The Wildfire" in Roosevelt Island but destroy her fuel tank first on a normal or higher difficulty, kill named enemies while they have a status effect, apply 2 status effects on an enemy before killing them, complete Manning National Zoo on Normal or higher. The Sadist talent is an interesting choice to apply Bleed instead, although a decent alternative, if skills in not preferred, can be concussion grenades although killing the enemy first before the bleed applies might cause a problem. Watch for these opportunities in the coming stages to save some time. I'm leaning towards a tanky skill build. The shield damage bonus seems quite interesting. Yeh I cant wait to fully spec Into burn duration and find some good burn damage mods, will be pretty lethal I imagine! The Pyromanic is working w/+95% Headshot Damage. Be careful not to stay in the flames for too long which can drop health quickly if the skill has been upgraded. Division 2 has been coming out with some new content recently and one big item is the Firewall specialization. But the Buff from Pyro alone is enough with creeping Death. The saluting enemies objective takes the cake on this one as the difficulty is not in applying the burn, it's the saluting emote part and the speed needed for it. Projects in Division 2 have multiple effects where completing the specified requirements gives loot, but with a specialization needing to have its tree maxed out, it becomes a fast way to get specialization points. Recipes, COD: Black Ops Cold War Zombies Story Details Revealed, Among Us: How to Get Stacked Kills (The Easy Way), How to Get A Hitman in Watch Dogs: Legion. Three points of the specialization you're building gets rewarded to be used in the upgrade tree at the specialization desk in the Base Of Operations.

I’m using guns with Ignite and the BTSU gloves that sync pretty well with the Firewall theme. If its well placed it can do some pretty hefty damage, Vindictive, Perfect Jazz Hands, Double Duty. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Richard Beauchamp, in a previous life, was a classically trained theater actor who also spent time in front of the camera for film and TV. This is a great opportunity to get a 2-for-1 where you can lay two status effects on The Wildfire and then finish her off. After climbing the rope on the plane wing, she's in the open hazmat area. Related: Division 2: How to Complete the Firewall Specialization.

As well, he grew up watching way too much Star Trek and Star Wars and wishes he could be small enough to ride the kiddie rides at the Star Wars theme park. This specialization, when all stages have been completed, unlocks the flamethrower special weapon among other vanity items.