When Daniel tries to reconcile by taking his wife out to a Mexican restaurant, he is surprised by see Johnny at the same place with Carmen Diaz. Despite sustaining broken ribs and injuries during the fight, Samantha defeats Tory. Now aged 49 Daniel is happily married to Amanda and has two children, Samantha (born 2002) and Anthony (born 2007). Johnny's estranged son Robby Keene gets a job at LaRusso Auto Group to get back at his father. He is based on Mr. Miyagi from the original films. In The Karate Kid Part III, Daniel and Miyagi return to Los Angeles from Okinawa, Japan only to discover that the South Seas apartment complex is being converted into condominiums, leaving Miyagi unemployed and Daniel homeless. Occupation Their feud comes to a head when Chozen and his cronies attack Daniel and vandalize Miyagi's family property. Ichiro (Arsenio "Sonny" Trinidad) is an old villager in Tomi Village, Okinawa. Chozen then runs into the storm. Daniel coaches Robby the final match, but loses a close fight to Johnny's top student, Miguel Diaz, who fights dishonorably by exploiting Robby's injury. Upon their arrival, they meet Sato Toguchi, a wealthy businessman and Miyagi's former best friend. After Daniel tries unsuccessfully to persuade Samantha to go back to karate, he takes in and trains Robby Keene, who, unknown to Daniel, is actually the son of Johnny and had started working at Daniel's company as an act of revenge against his father, after seeing him with Miguel and believing Johnny had replaced him. In 2015, YouTube user J. Matthew Turner posted a video that proposed a satirical theory: that Daniel LaRusso is the real bully in "The Karate Kid", and Johnny Lawrence is just an innocent peacemaker, citing examples such as Daniel being the one who started the fight on the beach, as well as dousing Johnny at the dance. Miyagi is telling Daniel to use the drum technique, and Daniel finally understands the Miyagi family technique. The Referee of the ring is played by Pat E. Johnson in the first three Karate Kid films. In the All Valley Under-18 Karate Championships tournament, Hawk is disqualified for dishonorably attacking Robby from behind before the round begins in a very similar fashion to Bobby from the first film; unlike Bobby, he was unapologetic for his actions. After finding out from Sam that Robby's mom is away and Robby is all alone Daniel has Robby come stay with him. When Daniel and Amanda visit Sam in the hospital both are shocked to find out Robby kicked Miguel off a railing resulting in the latter being severely injured. Played by Ralph Macchio, he serves as the central character of the first three Karate Kid films, as well as one of the main protagonists of the Cobra Kai television series. Surprised, Mr. Miyagi asks what happened, and Daniel angrily explains that not only is Ali apparently responsible for all the damage to the car, but that she has dumped him for "a football player from UCLA". as the crowd bursts into applause. He is the central character of the original film The Karate Kid (1984), and parts Part II and Part III. Daniel's mother Lucille never re-married and Daniel was left without a father. When Daniel decides not to compete at the tournament, Silver reveals that he was the one who is behind Barnes and that his agenda was avenging John Kreese, who was his best friend all along. During the fight, Daniel gains the upper hand and gives Johnny a bloody nose. Dutch is also the most brutal of the gang. Soon after in the movie, he kissed her as well. He also takes on Demetri as a student, which proves challenging at first due to Demetri's constant whining and desire to take shortcuts. Daniel tries to be the bigger man after Cobra Kai upstages their demonstration at the local Valley Fest, even refusing to make use of footage of him dispatching of three purse-snatchers caught on Robby’s phone. ―Daniel LaRusso to Mr. Miyagi. Chozen chooses death, but, remembering the way Miyagi handled Kreese earlier, Daniel honks Chozen's nose and drops him to the ground. In the sudden death round, Daniel performs the kata. With his mother in rehab, Robby is forced to live with Johnny, and the pair slowly start to reconcile. It is rumored that a deleted scene exists of Dutch becoming angered by Daniel scoring a point on him, resulting in him tackling Daniel to the mat in a scuffle and being pulled away by tournament officials, leading to his disqualification. Miguel Diaz (Xolo Maridueña) is a teenage asthmatic with low self-esteem and is Johnny's neighbor. Martial Artist, Karate Kid (but used in a derogatory way)Danny boy, Combat proficiencyAcrobaticsKarateKnowledge of business. He also runs his own car dealership, the LaRusso Auto Group; as a continuation of the influence of Mr. Miyagi, Daniel gives each client a bonsai tree of their own. However, he is prevented from doing so by Han, who beats him in a fight, paralleling the beginning The Karate Kid, Part II. In Season 2, LaRusso Auto Group has gone into a slump, which Amanda and Daniel reverse by accomplishing a herculean task of selling ten cars in one day. TrainingFighting enemiesGardening Defeat Chozen Toguchi (second film, succeeded).Defeat Mike Barnes (third film, succeeded). He can be seen hopping up and down whenever the Cobras confront Daniel as they are about to beat him, even confronting him in the locker room before the start of the All Valley Under-18 Karate Championships tournament and telling Daniel he is "dead meat." When Daniel, Robby and Sam see the dojo trashed and Miyagi's badge of honor missing, an angry Daniel goes to Cobra Kai where he confronts Johnny who does not know what Daniel is talking about as he is unaware that Kreese instructed his students to do so. Graham (Alex Collins) is a British man who dates Carmen. He joins Chris and several other students to jump ship to Miyagi-do Karate. He is a skilled and vicious karate fighter who got the nickname of "Karate's Bad Boy". He also imposes a fee on the storage room behind the dojo, even though it was part of the lease Johnny signed. Hawk openly blames Johnny for Miguel's injuries caused by Robby. Origin After driving Jessica home, Daniel and Miyagi return to find their stock of bonsai trees missing and a tournament application hanging in place. At the Oaks on the Beach Country Club, she boasts about how Cobra Kai changed her daughter's life for the better. The training continued, and Daniel fell for Ali, passed his driving test and celebrated his eighteenth birthday, which was the night before the tournament. Carmen is nervous and worried about Miguel being hurt or losing during the All-Valley karate championship, but she and Rosa attend the tournament to cheer for him. In Season 2, Shannon leaves Robby alone in their apartment to spend the summer with a boyfriend in Cabo San Lucas. He is a close friend of Daniel and supports his vote on keeping Cobra Kai banned from competing in the All Valley Under-18 Karate Championships, but they are outvoted by Daryl, Ron, and Sue. Kreese agrees, but warns that if they do not show up at the tournament, both Daniel and Mr. Miyagi will be declared fair game to Cobra Kai. To make matters worse, he is supposed to go away on a long trip with his mom. Miyagi shows Daniel the secret to his family's karate, a handheld drum that twists back and forth illustrating the "drum technique", a block-defense karate move that Daniel begins to practice. Daniel exclaims that is also home to his Uncle Louie, but the only man named Louis she knew from there does not have the surname of Larusso. However, his scheme backfires, and he is chased by Johnny and his gang, who corner him outside his apartment building and assault him until Mr. Miyagi, the apartment's maintenance man, intervenes and saves Daniel. Daniel grabs the vanquished Chozen with one fist, holds aloft the other, and offers him a stark choice: "Live or die, man!" Now aged 49 Daniel is happily married to Amanda and has two children, Samantha (born 2002) and Anthony (born 2007). When he was eight years old, his father David Larusso died after a 2-year battle with stomach cancer. He has a fondness for entertaining the village children with his shamisen, which, Miyagi notes, he does a lot with the same tune, no less. However, Daniel defeats Johnny in the tournament's final match and becomes the new champion.