By Rave Uno. This can be directly handed over to one of the family members (or put into a donation box, if there is one), either on the day of the funeral or one day before. People of today’s China value their age-old customs and traditions as much as they value advancements in technology and modernization.

She wasn’t sure whether to continue the treatment and had trouble getting advice from their doctors, but her mother insisted — the prevailing attitude in China is to opt for increasingly aggressive treatment when someone’s health is failing. Funeral rituals form an important part of Chinese social life.

Now, people like Qiao actively seek out Hand in Hand for their services, and every quarter sees more volunteers applying to join the organization. Elaborate Joss paper houses for burning. ► The other mourners are allowed to wear any shades, except the bright and bold ones, and it is also customary for them to wear a cloth band on their arms that signifies that they are mourning the death of their loved one. “The doctor didn’t explain what other options there were besides treatment,” Wang tells Sixth Tone.
Even today, there are a plethora of funeral rites and etiquette that cultures across the world follow, and it is indeed interesting to know that some of these are ages old, owing to the antiquity of the culture itself. The Pluses and Pitfalls of China’s Tech-Enabled Governance Push, Chinese City Sponsors $30,000 Esports Tournament for Residents, How Folk Tales Are Helping Save China’s Endangered Gibbons, China Tightens Entry Requirements by Adding Second COVID-19 Test. Chinese burial practices depend on the age, social status and marital status of the person who has died. Feng shui is the practice of spacing physical objects in a particular way to influence the flow of energy, or chi, and it is believed that the grave’s location will impact the chi surrounding the family of the person who has died. ► It should be noted that the three items mentioned above viz., the envelope with a coin, the handkerchief, and the candy, should not be carried home by the guests. Funeral rites differ from country to country and from culture to culture, but all of them are unanimously aimed at ensuring that the soul of the deceased enters the afterlife without any hurdle. Don’t worry! If the person was unmarried, their body is not brought into the family home remains at the funeral home as they did not have any children to conduct funeral rites for them. Wedding Etiquette: Nothing is happier than two lovers getting married in life. Getting married is one of the great joyous events in life. “Death and funerals are considered inauspicious in China, and the idea of evil spirits keeps people from talking about it,” Tan says. Chinese also have a special prayer ceremony held every 10 days. So, while you prepare yourself to attend a traditional Chinese funeral ceremony, ensure that you have considered all these things so that you can follow the appropriate etiquette once you get there. The curriculum takes a gradual approach to discussing death. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. This Buzzle write-up features some of the important etiquette to be followed during a traditional Chinese funeral. The amount of money also depends on the closeness of the grieving family with the guest. #Tradition & Culture, A guide to Remembrance Day & Remembrance Sunday, with information on the Poppy Appeal, two minute silence, Festival of Remembrance and remembrance services, #News & Events Wang Ying hosts a ‘death café’ event at Modern Art Museum in Shanghai, Dec. 23, 2017. People have been following various funeral customs and practices from time immemorial, and we indeed have ample archaeological evidence to prove that certain patches of land served as cemeteries and that certain platforms were used particularly to carry out last rites on a person. Sometimes a white banner is hung above the door of the bereaved household, and mourners often wear subdued colours. Would you be buried in a barrow? 8* Man and woman with the same surname do not have to enter into the marriage, because Chinese people believe that they are probably relatives. The Chinese believe that if a person dies at 80 or above, he/she lived life to the fullest, and had no desires left to be fulfilled. Burying grave goods and giving food offerings has always been part of the Chinese funeral ritual, and this has evolved into the practice of burning Joss paper at Chinese funerals. Tone. That’s to confuse demons.
Their volunteers now offer counseling at six Shanghai hospitals, visiting wards at set times to talk to anyone in need of a conversation. She got in touch with Wang Ying, who runs Hand in Hand, a Shanghai-based nonprofit that specializes in providing psychological counseling to cancer patients and their relatives. ► Avoid wearing bright and colorful clothing, as such hues may symbolize moods, contrary to the one of mourning. It is expected that those who attend the wake or Chinese funeral give money placed in white envelopes to family members. Chinese doctors often break the bad news to family members rather than to the patients themselves, and Qiao had no idea how to inform her mother. If you are vague, the host may think you are not interested in having a … Chris K. K. Tan, an associate professor of anthropology at Shandong University in eastern China, traces the reluctance to discuss mortality matters to Confucianism, which barely touches on what happens after death. ► As a marker of a fresh beginning, the guests are also made to consume a piece of sweet candy before leaving for their respective homes. But, for most Chinese it is not so important. Mourners leave offerings of food, incense and Joss paper. Currently, the organization teaches courses at around 30 primary schools in the city.

► The family members of the deceased wear mourning clothes. ► On the day of the funeral, all the guests are expected to give money in white envelopes (white is the color of mourning in Chinese culture) to the family members of the deceased. So, the distribution of red envelopes after funeral symbolizes the end of the period of mourning, and the beginning of a new start. Her one regret is not learning about how to deal with death sooner. ► The arm on which the band is worn depends on the gender of the deceased. As a friend who takes part in the wedding reception, you should choose and purchase a gift in advance. The Chinese undertake these rituals partly out of filial piety, and partly out of the belief that there is a continued relationship between the living and dead. ► More often than not, professional mourners are also hired; however, this is not mandatory, and depends largely on the financial status of the grieving family. For thousands of years, the Chinese have had a complex relationship with death and the dead. When Wang received Qiao’s message, she paid a visit to the young woman and her mother that same day. The first few years were tough for Hand in Hand. “They need someone to give them a hand during the rebuilding process.”, A volunteer puts his handprint on a banner at Hand in Hand’s training event in Shanghai, March 3, 2018. Merely mentioning mortality is believed to beget bad fortune, bringing the inevitability closer than it perhaps already is. ► The Chinese funeral involves a lot of rites which have to be completed properly. Fan Yiying/Sixth Tone. “I felt that if I could do something to help families like ours, it would be meaningful,” says the Shanghai native. Traditionally, the period called “wake” precedes the actual funeral. It’s commonly known that the word for the number 4, or "sì (四)", sounds a lot like the word for death "sǐ (死)", and thus is considered highly unlucky. Death Around the World: Chinese Funeral Customs and Traditions, Comprehensive listings to compare funeral directors near you, 10 pieces of classical music for funerals. Consultations, Education & Counseling Available, Hospices Work to Reach Underserved LGBTQ+ Communities, Day of the Dead: How Ancient Traditions Grew Into a Global Holiday. Paper clothing for burning as an offering to ancestors. Parents refrain from broaching the subject with their children to protect them; people pay extra for cellphone numbers without the digit 4, which sounds like the Mandarin word for death; and few people register as organ donors or write their own wills for fear of cursing themselves. When tragedy does strike, many people find they haven’t the slightest idea how to handle it. Held either in the family home or local temple, this period lasts for several days, wherein family members and close friends are expected to bring flowers for the deceased. It is common for visiting mourners to bring white flowers or floral wreaths with banners featuring couplets commemorating the person who has died. Cai Ling, who attended the most recent session in December, enjoyed discussing the topic with open-minded people. Traditionally, the Chinese people are known to host lavish funeral ceremonies for their deceased near and dear ones because elaborateness of the funeral ceremony determines the status of the family in the society. Chinese burial practice dictates that the location of Chinese graves (which are usually mound-shaped) be chosen according to the complicated laws of feng shui. 1.