I have two questions for you as I will be doing an on-site towards the end of the month. Amazon Onsite Interview Questions SDE-II. 1.2K VIEWS. Anonymous User. But i'm a pessimist haha. The flight and accommodation were really nice, the only 2 things I found a bit unpleasant were: Waiting in line for my rental car for 3-4 hours at the airport, a day before my interview was not the best thing to happen. I don’t think they want my feedback, since he mentioned that this is about the outcome of the interview. Just guessing though! We went through 3 problems together. Lunch: My lunch was with my ex co-worker. He acknowledged my company by name and if I'm working on interesting projects. Huge ego, a little socially awkward, and barely paid attention to my code until I was done. I got contacted by my recruiter through LinkedIn on a referral of a guy I have once worked with. The email says he wants to discuss the outcome of my interview. No experience with Amazon but if the recruiter is internal but your interview was with someone other than said recruiter, they may just want to see how the interview went, which, regardless of ultimate outcome, is to the recruiter's credit. All in all not the nicest interviewer, but was OK. Interview 4: This guy was probably in his late 30s. What does it mean if an Amazon recruiter wants to have a short call after the onsite interview? I felt a lot more at ease and could talk about the topics at hand with the guy and my thought process. They don't wanna schedule a technical phone interview, with an illiterate guy or someone who is not interested at all. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the recruitinghell community. On our way back to the interviewing building, I saw my first interviewer struggling to complete his first mile of the marathon... Interview 3: Once again a younger guy. But again, we tend not to care (for engineering, anyway. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. I got stuck on one a bit, he helped out and we moved on. Same thing is happening to me right now. Interview Experience. This is for a project engineering intern position and in the phone interview i was only asked questions abt my past experience and stories about projects. This recruiter emails my personal email and asks if I thought about my future. Thanks for your reply, since he specifically said that this call will be to discuss the "outcome of my interview" I guess that this will be a rejection or an offer. He got me to a nice indian restaurant on campus and we were talking about the first problem to which I still could not tell whether I had given the most efficient solution. Interviewing with a massive tech firm like Amazon was a significantly different experience than with any other company I’ve interviewed with, and I want to talk about how it all went down. But the on site interview is a lot different and very tiring. For more info, you can go on my blog - AjkP.ca and check the problems I solve there are sometimes stuff I get asked in interviews. Dang, IMO, I should have gotten a huge Bonus for just finding my way from San Francisco to Sunnyvale to the Grand Hotel just using a map. I think we got through 2 of his questions, where he was questioning my reasoning a bit. A little over a month ago, I applied for Amazon online and within an hour a recruiter contacted me wanting to set up a phone interview. Will do what you said if it’s a rejection, thanks for the advice . I respected a lot the guy, so was very happy for him. The first phone interview I felt I did poorly in. If it were an outright rejection, under the best of circumstances they'd e-mail. Sort by. Just show up in jeans and a t-shirt, that's usually what I do and I've never had problems. Cookies help us deliver our Services. 3 comments. If it's an offer, it would probably be a longer call? I noticed I was very overdressed, everyone seemed to be wearing jeans and a TShirt and it seemed like I was going on a wedding or something... Ohh silly me. What were the topic areas the questions covered (i.e. 88% Upvoted. So, you had the onsite and then the recruiter wanted to have a short call with you about the outcome and it turn out he just wanted some feedback? Archived. I don't plan on wearing shorts and a t-shirt, but would a button up, collared shirt and dark jeans do it, or should I break out the khakis? report. I noticed I was very overdressed, everyone seemed to be wearing jeans and a TShirt and it seemed like I was going on a wedding or something... Ohh silly me. I hope you got the job so you can pay for a new phone with GPS built in. Close. Second, I have seen quite a few complaints (and have some of my own) about the competence of Google recruiters. Similarly to the first one he was ready to get down to business.. hide. And those 2-3 questions they ask are gonna show only a small thinslice of the candidate's abilities. Should I consider myself rejected? I would rather overdress than underdress, unless there's a specific instruction telling you to dress casual. I have a virtual onsite interview coming up. I can't talk about specific questions, I listed the "subjects" more or less in a comment nearby. This thread is archived. The company receives dozens of applications for every vacancy they advertise (sometimes hundreds) and you have to prepare to compete with many other people for the job.. Their typical interview process at Amazon consists in four stages: They were smarter and had their egos in check. Edit: Since I'm being downvoted here's a reference, Palantir specifically states not to dress up, and my email said to wear jeans/sweatshirt. Last updated on October 11th, 2020 at 07:49 am. Little background, been a .net junior software developer for a year at my company I work for and just got promoted to just "software developer." I thought that aged interviewers, like wine, were a lot better. So what I got from all this experience? He was quite, funny and looked very very smart. Thanks! In 45 mins these guys need to get a grasp of how knowledgeable you are and make a decision on a "Yay" or "Nay". The guy was once again older, in his late 40s maybe and you could tell he was a manager of some sort. I swear he did not look once at the board for the whole 30 mins and whenever I would ask him a question, or try to explain my thought process he would just say "Yeah, yeah, just let me know when you have a solution in code"... Interview 2: I thought I botched it for sure, but to my surprise the second interviewer was a lot older in his 50s, and gave me 2-3 easy-medium questions in the span of 45 mins.