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Optimizing, Cross-Cut Saw DIMTER OptiCut S50 - 2012

Optimizing, Cross-Cut Saw DIMTER OptiCut S50 - 2012

Type/Model: OptiCut S50
Year of construction: 2012
Machine Condition: Very Good
Price: On Request

Optimizing, Cross-Cut Saw DIMTER OptiCut S50

The automatic cross cutting system for progressive woodworking companies

Type/Model: OptiCut S50

Manufacturer: WEINIG Group

Year of Construction: 2012


Cutting accuracy, flexibility and maximum possible safety: the automatic pushing saw OptiCut S 50 from DimterLine offers you all this.
The OptiCut S 50 is already highly productive for hundreds of customers - with the OptiCut S 50 you can cut up to 4 times more than a manual cross-cut saw with only half the staff! Simultaneously, you can profit from maximum timber yield by optimizing. Cut out antiquated customs and invest in your future! For there is enormous potential in cross cutting for you to achieve increases in productivity, profit and added value.

Technical Details:

  • Max. cutting range: 300mm x 100mm (235mmx120mm)
  • Max. ingoing lengths: 4,5m
  • Max. weight of workpiece: 60kg
  • Max. feed speed: 60m/min
  • Positioning accuracy: ± 0,5mm
  • Nominal power of feed: 2,1kW
  • Nominal power of saw motor: 5,5kW

Contact Person: Kamil Trębacz
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Phone: +48 602 581 674

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