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Optimizing Saw, Cross-Cut Saw OMGA T 2010 NC CE

Optimizing Saw, Cross-Cut Saw OMGA T 2010 NC CE
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Type/Model: T 2010 NC CE; T2010NC
Year of construction: 2005
Machine Condition: Very Good
Price: On Request

Optimizing Saw, Cross-Cut Saw OMGA T 2010 NC CE

Type/Model: T2010NC; T2010 NC

Manufacturer: OMGA Italy

Year of Construction: 2005

Machine Description:

Automatic cut off saw for defecting and optimized cutting.
Feeding by conveyor belt with a maximum speed of 120 m/min and a tolerance on the cut lengths of +/- 1 mm.
Pressure rollers, sitting on pneumatic cylinders, allow the feeding of boards with rough surface and small variations in thickness. The control, with operating system Windows XP, is complete and user friendly. On request the cutting line can be completed with a width scanner, a second camera for handling up to 5 grades (3 grades with standard camera) an ink-jet printer and with various length sorting systems.

Technical Details:

  • Main saw motor power: 4kW
  • Saw blade diameter: 450 mm
  • Saw hole diameter: 35 mm
  • Feed speed: 0-120 m/min
  • Number of pushers: 3 pcs.

Cutting Programs:

  • Cut with preset sequence
  • Optimized cut with 6 different criteria
  • Defecting plus optimizing
  • Defecting with trim cut on the two sides
  • Waste recovery for finger jointing
  • Waste splitting (X)
  • Cutting lists on three grades by marking on same faces


Contact Person: Kamil Trębacz
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Phone: +48 602 581 674

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