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Finger Jointing Line GRECON / DIMTER SUPRA E - SOLD

Finger Jointing Line GRECON / DIMTER SUPRA E - SOLD

Type/Model: SUPRA E
Year of construction: 2000
Machine Condition: Excellent
Price: SOLD

Finger Jointing Line GRECON / DIMTER SUPRA E

Keilzinkenanlage GRECON / DIMTER SUPRA E

Linia Do Łączenia Drewna GRECON / DIMTER SUPRA E

Type/Model: SUPRA E

Construction Year: 2000

Machine Condition: Excellent

Documentation: Full Technical Documentation

Serial Niumber: 09 1878 01 001075

Technical Specifications:

Dimensions, space requirements and weight:

1.1. Dimensions:
Length: 10200mm
Width: 3500mm
Height: 2000mm

1.2. Space required for operation and maintenance:
Length: 11200mm
Width: 4500mm
Height: 2000mm

1.3. Weight and Ground Pressure:
Total weight: 4600kg
Floor load dyn: 25 N / cm2

2. Supply and disposal:

2.1. Electrical supply
Operating voltage: 400V
Frequency: 50 Hz
Control voltage: 24 V DC
Total power: 27,5kW

2.2. Compressed air supply:
Air pressure: 8 bar, at constant load
Compressed air supply: 2 x R 1/2 "
Compressed air consumption: 500 Nl / min

2.3. Dust Extraction:
Extractor connection port diameter: 1 x 250mm; 1 x 100mm
Exhaust speed: 30 m / s
Suction quantity: 6150 m3 / h

3. Wood Data:
Species: softwood or hardwood
Length (min / max): 150 / 1000mm
Width (min / max): 40 / 150mm
Height (min / max): 20 / 80mm

Total length of the finished material (min / max): 3000 / 4500mm

4. Plant Components:

4.1. Milling machine:
Item number: 110
Title: Einzelfraese "Prima"
Type: FER-ST 150/2000/1000
Drawing number: 101.1087
Dimensions: 1000mm x 3350mm x 1500mm
Weight: 1500kg
Spindle motor mower: 15kW
Leveling blade motor power: 5.5kW
Table feed motor power: 0.75kW

4.2. Press Feed Table:
Item number: 120
Name: press table
Type: manual loading
Drawing number: 225.1602
Dimensions: 2000 x 650 x 900mm
Weight: 200kg

4.3. Press:
Item number: 130
Description: front side press
Type: PMSH 4500
Drawing number: 106.760.5
Dimensions: 6900mm x 1900mm x 2100mm
Weight: 1900kg
Hydraulic unit: 3.0kW
Crosscut saw PMSH / PASH: 2.2kW, 2890 rev / min

Contact Person: Kamil Trębacz
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Phone: +48 602 581 674

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